• Drug test all

    There are too many children that are used by their parents to get money for everything. How many times do we feed the children of food stamps recipient . I'm always hearing, do it for the children!,! , the children are sexually molested, living in filth while mom is in bars and etc. welfare recipient should only be on my money for a year until they are trained to work!!!!!!!! There would not be so much crumb if they have to get out and actually work to eat and have shelter.

  • Some may need welfare, but there are also many people abusing it.

    I did my research on welfare. Look at the statistics on this website (and it's a .org website, so I trust it more):
    If you can afford cable TV, a luxury vehicle, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, new tattoos/piercings, video games, a DVR, a BluRay system or DVD player, an LCD or plasma screen Tv, THEN YOU DON'T NEED WELFARE OR FOOD STAMPS.

  • Welfare recipients should be tested for drugs.

    Welfare recipients should be tested for drugs in order to make sure that they are not using their welfare money to buy drugs. Welfare is supposed to be a hand up, not a hand out. Drug users do not contribute anything to society, and society should not be forced to pay for them.

  • It's for a good cause.

    The way I see it, if almost any particular job requires all applicants to be able to pass a drug test prior to employment, then yes, welfare recipients should have to take a trust before receiving any kind of benefits, let alone their monthly check in the mail. It's for the best.

  • I have witnessed many Drug Use=Drug Abuse=Welfare

    Many recipients would not be receiving welfare if they were not on drugs in the first place. I was an addict for 20 years and today, gratefully recovered. During my travels I have witnessed many cases where drug abuse played a major part in people, mostly single parents. From my experience, in many cases, Drug Use=Drug Abuse=Welfare

  • Drug users deny their own children a healthy lifestyle and positive example.

    By looking away when drug use is determined, we're condoning this illegal behavior and missing an opportunity to turn the drug abuser's situation around. Instead, we should get drug abusers back on track and prepare them to get and keep jobs when their temporary assistance ends. Taxpayers deserve to know that their hard-earned dollars are wisely used and not funding a drug user's next hit.

  • Welfare Recipients Should be Tested for Drugs

    Welfare recipients should be actively searching for jobs, not using drugs. If they want their free hand outs, they should be required to comply with a simple drug test. Hard working tax payers do not want their money going to drug addicts and people who are parasites to the system.

  • I belief that it is very important that the recipients of welfare should be drug tested.

    The welfare system was put into place to aid the less fortunate, ill and injured citizens that either are not able to work or cannot make ends meat by their salary alone. Many welfare recipients are drug users and should be given drug tests. Our tax money goes to welfare and if we are going to have to spend our hard earned money on welfare recipients then I feel that we need to be assured that that money is going to people that need it to live, not to trade in exchange for drugs.

  • Tax payers money should not be spent for a junkie to get a fix.

    Not assuming all recipients for welfare are addicted to drugs; I agree with the post above, a rehabilitation program should be provided for those who are addicted. There is no reason someone cannot get better and be given money to actually get on their feet. This gives people a "win win" situation.

  • You shouldnt spend money on drugs if you can not afford it

    Drugs such as methamphetamine can require insane amounts of money once someone is addicted to them. I have seen it first hand and know that an addict will do absolutely anything to get his fix.

    This is taxpayer money. Money that should go towards better future for our country. I think that Those tested positive for drugs that are proven to be addicting should be given free rehabilitation instead of welfare. Starting up a program of that nature would provide a more profitable solution, rather than supplying someones drug habits

  • The Welfare System Is Gone

    There are no true welfare recipients anymore. All of the real welfare programs were dismantled years ago. There are many people on food stamps and I suppose we could drug test them, but if they fail, we're hurting and failing their children more than anything. People receive help with child care, but they have to have a job to receive that, do we need to drug test those people? What would be the point, apparently they're functioning at the work place or they wouldn't need child care.

  • Waste of money.

    In the states where they have enacted policies such as these, they found that there was a very tiny portion of the population that were taking drugs, and that all the money that it cost to test everyone actually cost the state more money than it saved. It's not a good policy.

  • Drug testing welfare recipients is a waste of resources

    While many people take the stand that the welfare system is corrupt and has been taken advantage of by charlatans and cheats the opposite is almost always true. Most of the people utilizing this program have legitimate need to use the program. People who commit welfare fraud are not as common as the Internet and the self-righteous would like us to believe.
    Implementing a mandatory drug test would catch those who are using the program while under the influence of illegal drugs but what happens then? Would the children of drug users be left without food or other resources because of their parents use of drugs.
    What about alcohol? It is another mind altering substance which create dependence and often negative personality changes. Should there be testing in place to punish people for using it too? Tobacco? How far will it go before it stops?
    It's best not to get started down this road. The abuse everyone seems to see in the system is not the norm of the people who use the system. Don't waste the money on this type of thing. Save it for the people who need to eat or pay bills when they are having a bad time of life.

  • no

    Not at all, test on probable cause since only 2% of the welfare population even tested positive when they did it in Florida. Blanket testing will cost more than it will save, is unconstitutional, and drug users know how to pass a test.

    Certain drugs also are only in the system for a matter of days and therefore can't be detected, not to mention the false positives that can happen too.

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