• People that are getting babyed by the government will never grow to be their own.

    Pretend that the people that are receiving welfare are like kids. If the parents over protect the child and never let the child grow up and support them self the child will always be living of their parents.And never actually learn how to work and the day parents are not their its going to be problems. Well the same with welfare these people are conformable with welfare so they are not planning to get of of it.

  • I don't believe the tax payers money should be going to the lazy people

    Who aren't trying to work or better for them self, who are just depending on the government for money. They don't even put that money to good use there kids still look horrible, there still doing illegal things. Are money should not be going to waist on the people who aren't using it for the right cause or putting it for the right use. If they want to apply they should get drug tested and so should the ones that already have it!

  • Ensures Investment is Spent Wisely

    Drug tests don't cost a lot of money. Welfare recipients should get random drug testing to ensure the taxpayer's investment is being used wisely. Those too drunk or too stoned to buy food for their kids shouldn't get welfare and need to get back to work. We live in a welfare state in America with nearly 50 million citizens on food stamps. That's way too many people who don't seem to be able to get jobs at McDonald's or Wal-Mart.

  • If the government is paying for it

    What's so disgusting about the attempts to make drug testing part of welfare in some states is that the expenses of the test come out of the welfare recipient's pocket. That's completely unfair, considering how few end up testing positive. If the government wants this in place, prove it, pay for the tests yourselves.

  • Yes they should!

    Welfare is for people who need extra help while they are looking for ways to better support themselves on their own. You can't get a job if you're abusing drugs. And why should the government give you money to buy drugs, which goes AGAINST the government. They then spend even more money for the DEA to keep illegal drugs under control while they're providing money for the other side too. The US spends 900 billion dollars on welfare programs (not including social security and medicare) and if you had to pass a drug test, a predicted 47% of applicants would stop applying. Drug testing doesn't stop anyone who NEEDS welfare from getting it, they just have to be clean first.


    Anyone receiving any form of aid from the government because they are unable to provide basic needs for themself or their family should be required to pass a weekly drug test in order to recieve their benefits. Most employers require a drug screen in order to gain employement, if you're on welfare you should be looking for a job, which means you shouldnt be doing ANY drug of ANY kind unless prescribed by a doctor. It's not fair that hard working people with jobs that don't make much and could use the help can't get it because so many people abuse the system and use welfare as their income to buy drugs and party. Not everyone does this, but this would certainly weed out those that are.. and open up more aid for those who truely need it and deserve it. Collecting welfare should not be a lifestyle, there should be limits on how long people can collect, with re-evaluations each year, to motivate people to go out and find jobs and provide for themselves instead of living off the government for years on end and not even looking for employment

  • YES!!!!

    Those who are on welfare should be forced to spend their money on what they need only. The point of welfare is to give money to those who are not able to support themselves through a job due to many reasons. Spending the money they were given for drugs is just like someone on the street spending money you put in their cup on drugs. The difference is the welfare comes from taxes which are forced. Nobody would give their hard earned money to someone for drugs yet the nation is forced to without drug testing put in place.

  • Everyone.

    Yes, those who receive welfare should get tested for the use of drugs. If the government is going to give aid to people they should be clean and trying to be productive and get a job. We need to keep the lazy people from taking money from our nation, it's not fair.

  • I think so!

    Everyday in life when people go looking for a job, they get drug tested. People work hard for the money they make. they pay money (taxes) to the government and the government then takes that money to help with welfare. So in order to get walfare people should have to pass a drug test. It isnt fair for peoples hard earned money to be given to people who wont work, but will buy drugs.

  • Yes, welfare recipients should be drug tested

    There are very important and necessary aspects of our welfare system, but there are also way too many abuses. Drugs in our society are a huge problem and continue to grow more and more problematic. It is also a fact that the major abuse of drugs is in lower income individuals. One way to significantly curb this is requiring drug testing. There are so many legitimate jobs that require drug testing, it should also be required for entitlement programs.

  • Everyone needs a little fun now and then.

    As human beings, we have an inherent need for recreation. Recreation is a necessary activity for anyone who would wish to be "in sorts" enough to seek employment. Non-addictive drugs like marijuana, particularly for those unlikely to find sex, are one of the cheapest and safest ways in which someone can fulfill their need for recreation.

  • Not cost effective

    Studies have not supported the notion that this is cost effective.

    Also you could be pushing people who would've used marijuana which isn't that addictive into using alcohol which can be so addictive that withdrawal can cause serious hallucinations or even kill you. If welfare recipients are drug tested then they should be alcohol tested as well. Never mind that alcohol is legal, the point of the drug test is to make sure they aren't spending their welfare on intoxicating substances. Why should taxpayers be paying for alcohol any more than any other drug?

  • Welfare recipients should not be subject to drug testing.

    There is no reason why welfare recipients should be subject to drug testing.They have certain rights to privacy just like anyone else and just because they are receiving benefits from the government does not mean that should be assumed as drug users or anything thing else that is socially unacceptable.

  • Drug testing welfare recipients is a waste of time and money.

    Drug testing of welfare recipients is a mean spirited Republican ploy to create a class divide among Americans. Also, in many states where it's been implemented, it's done to ensure sweetheart contracts to drug testing companies that, by what I'm sure isn't sheer coincidence, many lawmakers in favor of drug testing just happen to own stock in. And when implemented, the program spent more money on testing than it ends up saving.

  • Waste Of Money

    I do not believe we should test recipients of assistance programs. I believe if there is enough money available in the system to fund drug testing then we should use that money for something more useful, rather than harassing American citizens. The majority of people receiving assistance are employees and put their time in at a job that pays low wages, just because they receive assistance does not mean they are a dead beat or not functioning in society, it means they are unfortunate and are stuck working with one of many American corporations who feel it is fine to under pay their employees.

  • No it is just more money wasted

    The welfare system is very messed up right now. We spend too much money helping many who do not deserve it. I don't think a drug test will help solve the issue though. It will only lead to more spending on the drug testing and more people finding ways to cheat the system.

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Quan says2014-01-08T20:19:00.473
Actually I believe that welfare recipients should not receive welfare, period. But ignoring that, subjecting welfare recipients to being audited is entirely reasonable and there must be some plan to get them off of welfare. Welfare should not be a valid career choice.