• Welfare goes against the natural order of events

    Almost every society of every creature that lives on this planet abides by the principle of "survival of the fittest," except for humans. It may be harsh, but those who cannot fend for themselves and their offspring are meant to die off. It's the way nature is designed. Any other course allows valuable resources to be wasted by those who cannot use them appropriately. When the weak die off, the remaining society will be able to thrive due to an abundance of resources. Excessive welfare will eventually choke a society to death just like weeds in a rose garden.

  • Free money we make possible

    I think for the ones that trade food stamps should not get them. Also if you drive a nice ride sell it and buy your food and drugs. After that then collect free money we all make possible. So we know you have no other options. Your welcome for supporting your filthy habits you users and abusers

  • Welfare is Wasteful

    Americans need to be able to fend for themselves, and not rely upon the government to bail them out. Welfare makes it possible for people to feed off of taxpayers' success without attempting to reach or even set their own goals. There are many people that may actually need financial aid, but the biggest problem is that this privilege is abused.

  • Yes too many take advantage

    Yes welfare spending needs to be cut big time. There are too many people in this country who are taking advantage of the system and getting money for doing nothing. I know there are still some people out there who are deserving but because some people take advantage everyone suffers.

  • Reduce Welfare Spending

    Without a doubt, welfare spending should be reduced in this country. The federal government puts billions of dollars into welfare, which could be better used in other areas. A lot of welfare abuse occurs in this country, and it's important to reform the system in order to better use the funds.

  • Yes, it makes people disinterested in work.

    Yes, welfare spending should be reduced, because it often enables the exact harm that it is meaning to help. Welfare spending often allows people to continue to abuse alcohol or controlled substances. Welfare spending decreases incentives to work. If welfare spending were decreased, people would have to move to where there are jobs.

  • There should be limits.

    I think welfare should definitely have more limitations to it. To me, welfare is simply the Government giving you a source of income, that just like your average job, you can do with the money whatever you chose. I feel welfare should more so be spent on living expenses. Rent, food, bills, etc. Not the new Call of Duty game.

  • Yes, Welfare spending should be reduced.

    Welfare spending in the US is astronomically higher then any other countries. If a person does not work, and obtains welfare long term then we are enabling them to be lazy. We should be enabling people to find jobs, not paying for their diapers because they are poor. We need to help not harm people. Get them back to work.

  • Welfare spending is important.

    Welfare spending is the last thing that needs to reduced. Reduce military spending or something. Welfare spending has a direct effect on the people of America. It saves lives. Reducing or eliminating its funding is shortsighted and discriminatory. I think that welfare funding should be maintained at the very least.

  • Welfare spending is already reduced as much as "they" can get away with.

    Welfare is spent on the needy and they get no less needy when funds are cut. Instead of looking to reduce the spending we need to make sure we are accurately targeting what we already have. Programs should be instituted to make sure the beneficiaries are not miss-using the benefits and innovative programs could be started to more efficiently and productively help young mothers who are among the most common recipients.

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