• Yes, as they were all involved in a company scandal.

    Yes, all executives at Wells Fargo should be fired. It is difficult for a company to regain its footing if the same authorities who permitted the corruption are still running the show. Insiders have also revealed the practice of opening fake accounts was well-known and widespread throughout the company, indicating the executives had to have been involved.

  • Yes, Wells Fargo Should Fire all Executives.

    Yes, I do believe that Wells Fargo should fire all of their executives and start over. Time and time again we see large banks like Wells Fargo taking advantage of their customers to the benefit of their top executives and CEO. It's about time an example is set for this industry to show that taking advantage of people is not okay.

  • Wells Fargo should not fire all of its executives

    Wells Fargo should not fire all of its executives. However, a major change is needed in the overall culture, and additional people aside from the CEO should be let go. Although tempting to get rid of the entire executive team, there are some that are good managers that were not involved in the scandal or fostering the overly aggressive culture.

  • No, Wells Fargo should not fire all executives.

    While I do not know what the fix is for Wells Fargo or if there even is one, I do not believe firing all of their executives is the answer. Who would do the firing? Should the executives fire themselves? I feel there has to be some fine, trustworthy upper level people working for the financial institution.

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