Should Wes Cherry, the Microsoft summer intern who created Solitaire, receive royalties for his work?

  • Yes he should

    Wes Cherry should receive royalties for creating Solitaire. He created it so he deserves to be paid for his creation that Microsoft is using. Even if he used Microsoft tools to create it it is still his. If someone uses a hammer to build a house, does the hammer company get to take credit and get the money for the house? No.

  • Yes, If Microsoft is getting paid for it

    If Wes Cherry invented or created the game, and Microsoft is making money from selling his creation, then he deserves to be paid royalties for his work. Most people don't buy Solitaire but it comes with other software and it shouldn't be too hard to assign some monetary value to it.

  • Yes yes yes

    Definitely. That game is legendary. We all played it on windows and i have recently heard that he made no money from that game. It is so sad, he should be given credits for his work and creativity. When i was a kid i used to spend hours and hours playing that :)

  • Wes Cherry should recieve royalties for Solitaire

    Wes Cherry worked as an intern at Microsoft and created a game called Solitaire which has since been a very successful and popular game. He should receive royalties for his intellectual property that he developed while interning at Microsoft. Just because he was an intern at the time does not mean that he should not be compensated for his work.

  • Wes Cherry, the Microsoft summer intern who created Solitaire, should not receive royalties for his work

    Presumably, Wes Cherry signed an agreement with Microsoft that all works created by him are property of Microsoft. Knowingly doing so is his problem. He was using Microsoft tools, processes and protocols to develop the program. Cherry is rewarded for his work either with a paycheck, or if an unpaid intern, experience and the potential for a lucrative future, by working for the premier software developer on teh planet.

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