• Yeah, Why Not? But I think the public should be informed of the dangers of drinking it.

    Recently, raw milk was legalized in West Virginia. I only know about this because I read a headline a few days ago that the same lawmakers who legalized the unpasteurized milk have fallen ill as a result of drinking it. How poetic. I do not, however, think that raw milk should be illegal. I only think that people should know that there is a much greater risk of ingesting bacteria. People should be allowed to do whatever they want, but liability for their actions should be thiers and theirs alone. If raw milk is labeled with a health and safety warning, then I would be perfectly content with it being sold. I just wouldn't buy any myself. As long as people know the dangers of raw milk, then they should be allowed to purchase it legally.

  • Yes, West Virginia lawmakers were correct in legalizing raw milk.

    It is my belief that the legalization of raw milk by West Virginia lawmakers was not a mistake. It is up to the individual to decide if he chooses to consume the milk or not. Sure there are potential bacterial dangers. There is also the risk of obesity when one chooses to drink soda. We are responsible for educating ourselves and making the right decisions for ourselves.

  • Raw Milk Should be Legalized

    The government has to halt its attack on the milk industry. Regulating raw milk is perfectly reasonable and makes perfect sense. I think that milk should have little regulation. Overall, milk is a very powerful substance and having raw milk can benefit the world. Pasteurization is a terrible process that weakens humanity.

  • Raw milk is very dangerous.

    Raw milk does not undergone the careful cleansing process of normal milk and so can contain harmful bacteria. In the past, raw milk has been found to create the perfect breeding grounds for diseases such as Salmonella, e-coli and Listeria, all of which can be potentially lethal in the very young and the very old. Raw milk is a public health risk and has no benefit over pasteurized milk.

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