Should Western European and NATO member countries do more to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia?

  • Stop the madness

    I think anybody who can should help to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. I can imagine the people in Ukraine just want things to be normal. Life is hard enough without adding on unnecessary conflict. So Western Europe and NATO member countries should have a discussion to help Ukraine.

  • NATO and Western Europe need to support Ukraine.

    NATO and Western European countries need to help support Ukraine in its bid for freedom from Russia's oppression. This century needs to be one when freedom is for any and all. No superpower should be delegating how a smaller country operates, unless they are endangering others. Help the Ukraine get Russia out of its borders!

  • Ukraine needs more support from Nato and Western Europe

    Yes, I agree that Western European and NATO member countries should do more to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. As democratic, free entities, Western European countries and NATO should support Ukraine in its democratic struggle against authoritarian Russia. Russia is seeking more power through illegal and aggressive means, and Western European countries and NATO should not be supporting this mentality.

  • Yes, Western countries need to do more to support the Ukraine.

    As conflict has emerged between Western countries and others such as Russia and countries in the Middle East, some countries get caught in the middle, such as Turkey. Ukraine's case is perhaps the worst of these situations, and it's sad that western nations have not done more to help the Ukraine in making its decision to side with the west.

  • Attack Russia... WE DARE YOU USA

    Go ahead and go on the offensive, USA. Serbia will always be there in defense of Russia. Russia + Serbia = American nightmare. If you attack us, we will crush you like you are paper and we are hammers. Our troops are supermen made of steel we never flinch on the battlefield. American troops run away at the sound of a gunshot. Our bullets are guided by God.

  • End the conflict with diplomacy, not sanctions

    Whilst the north and west of Ukraine wish to become more integrated with Europe and the West the south and east does not. Instead of constantly bombarding Russia with sanctions, more should be done to ensure the peace process initiated by Russia succeeds, so that Ukraine becomes united again, rather than let it collapse as it fights a civil war between the two main factions. The Russian Federation has no sent troops into Ukraine, and the idea that they could without the whole world noticing is ridiculous. All evidence that would suggest that there had been incursions have been disproven, and yet anti-Russian hysteria in the west continues. Crimea and Sevastopol on the other hand voted in a democratic referendum to accede to the Russian Federation, and their democratic rights should be respected. They are ethnically Russian, and even speak the language over Ukrainian. Refusing to recognise their choice would be like refusing to accept the legitimacy of the Scottish Referendum, and the Crimean referendum was shown to be fair and democratic. Furthermore, most EU leaders and the people in those countries have stated they do not support sanctions against Russia, which have been dominated by the USA. The EU should not act as an American lapdog, but instead make decisions which are best for the people of Europe, and not the politicians in the White House. As mentioned by others, no superpowers should be allowed to control the fate of smaller countries, and therefore the USA should not be allowed to control the European states... They aren't even on the same continent. NATO itself, whilst led by the USA, states its mission is to resolve conflicts peacefully and ensure democracy is protected, and they should therefore respect the right of the ethnic Russians to have freedom from Ukraine, and should fully support the peace resolution for a federalised state in Ukraine, set out by the Russian Federation, rather than piling on sanctions which ultimately harm the Western European economies.

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