Should Western universities open satellite campuses only in states that respect human rights?

  • Yes, Western Universities Should Open Satellite Campuses Only in States That Respect Human Rights

    Human rights violations are the most heinous acts of cruelty. We who advocate for human rights should demand that human rights are respected. In that respect, we should not play along in any capacity with any state that chooses to disregard the rights of any human being, and we should welcome the possibility of asylum to oppressed people who live in those states.

  • Western universities should only benefit states that respect human rights.

    Satellite campuses should only be available in states that respect human rights. I do not feel that those who perpetuate a lack of respect for others and their rights should have the opportunity to benefit from the experience and opportunities of universities who stand for the rights of all. It is a privilege that should be used as a reward.

  • Western Universities Bring New Ideas

    While I partially agree that it would be fair for Western universities to only open satellite campuses in states that respect human rights, I also believe in the power of ideas. The more educated a society is, the more human rights there will be. Because of this, I think that satellite campuses should be able to be opened in many countries.

  • No, it's important to spread this resource

    Access to education is a fantastic way to ensure human rights for all. It is especially important that the access to education happen in areas where people are oppressed. It's the educated among us that will help abolish human rights violations. The more educated we are, the more likely these issues will end.

  • No, the concept of human rights should be spread.

    A piece of land that a university is built on has nothing to do with what that university represents. It would be surprising to think that a state that does not respect human rights would want or permit a university to be built there because universities tend to represent the best of human endeavors and the best of human thought. It would only serve to benefit the spread of these endeavors if universities were located in areas that are behind in the evolution of thought regarding the human race.

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