Should Westerners be less addicted to luxuries in order to create a better future?

  • Absolutely The Truth

    Westerners should be less addicted to luxuries in order to create a better future, but this should go for the rich and the poor, not just the poor. As a poor American westerner I assure you I don't have all the luxuries I had ten years ago. It's a learning process.

  • Westerners Should Learn to Live Without Luxuries

    Without a doubt, Westerners need to learn to live without as many luxuries as they currently enjoy. Doing so would create a better future because individuals would learn how to use less resources and be completely content in doing so. Today's world is filled with gluttony that only serves to hurt the world in general.

  • Debting our way to luxury

    A lot of westerners have developed a taste for luxurious items, but they often can't pay for the luxuries. This leads to a lot of debt that is never paid off or paid off very slowlyl. Westerners would be much better off if they could not care about these items and be better off financially.

  • Westerners Are Overly Spoiled

    I believe it is vital for westerners to become less dependent on our current luxuries. I believe we have become greedy and in order to improve our future, we need to learn to go without some things, we really don't need. I think many people have become to reliant on purchasing things and the rush that induces.

  • No, luxuries make the future better.

    No, Westerners should not be less addicted to luxuries in order to create a better future, because the future is better when people have nice things. Some people have an incorrect perception of economics. They think that there is an infinite amount of wealth in the world, and that by having something nice, they are taking clean water away from Africa. But if private property rights are respected all over the world, we can all be rich, now and in the future.

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