Should whales be allowed in zoos all around the U.S.?

  • Aquariums are beneficial

    Zoos and aquariums are beneficial for animals. When I say zoos and aquariums, I mean very reputable facilities held to a very high standard and staffed by highly trained employees, and not random facilities calling themselves zoos that are almost butcher shops. Its easy to fall for sensationalism, but ultimately, the animals are well cared for.

  • No, Whales wouldn't take it well

    1: They would need a large enclosure
    2: Whales live in pods in the wild, and the young stay with their mothers for a year (grey whales).
    Zoos can't simply trade off whales from different
    pods; it wouldn't work, and would be cruel to the whales.
    3: To sum it up, It'd be a bad idea:
    Whales (and many other animals for that matter) should have their freedom.

  • Whales should not be allowed in zoos all around the U.S.

    Whales should not be allowed in zoos all around the U.S. Whales should be left in their natural habitat and should not be on display in zoos. They require a lot of space and most of the zoos would not be able to afford to provide them with the environment that they would need.

  • Whales should remain in the wild

    No. I think that whales should be kept in wild where they have appropriate amount room (the entire ocean) to roam and live out their lives. It is unfair to an animal of that size to be limited to the equivalent of a back yard pool for living. It is really unfair for all animals that are in zoos to be kept for human entertainment.

  • Whales should not be kept in zoos.

    Whales are very large animals and require very large tanks to even remotely feel that they are in their natural habitat. Whales are also extremely tribal animals with establish social orders. Placing whales who are not familiar with each other in undersized tanks actually facilitates violence between the whales and drives them to depression.

  • Whales Should Roam Free

    First, whales are in aquariums and not zoos. Second, whales and other oceanic mammals are migratory creatures who travel thousands of miles every year to follow food sources. These graceful animals shouldn't be bottled up in a smallish tank for everyone to see. If you want to see a whale or dolphin, go out to the wild and swim with them or see them from a boat.

  • Whale should be under strict supervision.

    I don't think that there should be whales all over the zoos in U.S. We have to consider lots of thing b4 capturing it in the zoo. We have to consider people's safety and the safety of the fish as well. Whale can quite cause disturbance in the zoo if something goes wrong.

  • No, whales are far too big

    Putting a whale in a zoo would be a logistical nightmare. First of all, they require large amounts of plankton in order to stay alive, which would be incredibly expensive. They would also need a very big pool to be housed comfortably, which is hard to do in a zoo. Thirdly, whales are not animals that would fit in well with the culture of a zoo.

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