Should whistleblowers be granted the freedom to reveal undercover agents?

  • Yes, rights of whistleblowers should be protected

    Whistleblowers are an important asset to our society and their freedoms should be protected. At the same time, though, those freedoms need to be weighed against the good undercover agents are doing. Whenever possible, whistleblowers need to be given a chance to reveal their information in a way that does not compromise undercover agents. A system needs to be put in place.

  • No, revealing uncover agents could compromise sensitive operations.

    No, the disclosure of undercover agents could put many operative's life at risk. Whistle blowers can inform the public of needed information without giving the particular details of the persons involved. Revealing the identity of just undercover agent could undermine a entire operation. Furthermore, exposing the identity of the agent could cause the agent, their family, and many others to be at risk of harm. Whistle blowers should be allowed to report important information, but not endanger the lives of others.

  • Whistleblowers should not be granted the freedom to reveal undercover agents

    Whistleblowers should not be granted the freedom to reveal undercover agents. Undercover agents have a special role, and their identity should never be comprised. There are other ways to keep these employees in check. Otherwise, it gives too much power to an individual whistleblower, whose motives may not be pure.

  • Whisteblowers don't have the right to reveal classified information

    I don't think that whisteblowers should be allowed to reveal who is operating undercover. Undercover agents operate with the expectation that their identities will never be revealed. It is this expectation that enables them to perform often dangerous work in order to keep our country safe. When whistleblowers compromise the identities of these individuals, it puts both the agents and our country at risk.

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