• Fair Is Fair

    I believe that White Entertainment Television should exist with the same focus that BET, or Black Entertainment Television does, and that is to promote programming geared toward a specific racial group. Not only that, it should selectively discard any commercial content not targeted to the Caucasian male. Come on people, fair is fair.

  • 1st Amendment Rights

    I wouldn't create, watch or want it, but If BET has the freedom, as it does, to exist and broadcast, then so should a 'White', 'Spanish' or even 'Men'/ 'Women' -ET as well. 'Oppression' is not a reason to establish uneven freedoms. BET doesn't address oppression anyways, from what I remember/see.

  • The whiny blacks are like the feminists

    They all want special rules. But, oh god forbid you call them on it! Then you're horrible and racist or against women. It's comical to read some of their excuses as to why they feel they are right. What they need is Special Ed. A super special class to teach them equality. Because they seriously lack the knowledge

  • First of all, I don't see what's going on

    First of all, that logo is ugly. Why would you want that as your logo, except for the B? That's weird. Second whites are not being oppressed like that. It's gonna come sooner or later, but right now, they're not being oppressed or anything.
    I don't see what's up here?

  • Whites have never been marginalized.

    Regluar TV was white TV for the first 60 years television existed.

    White whiners complain so often that the blacks, gay people, and other minority groups get "special treatment". Precicely because white people treated them "special" for so many decades. By "special" I mean slaves, pariahs, second class citizens and indentured servants.

    Now, the black community tries to create a unique, patchwork culture, and you want to mock them by starting a white-centric television station, because you're butthurt they have a station to promote their created culture?

    Television is white American culture. You are represented on nearly every channel at any given time of the day.

    Black people do not have that representation, which is why BET was created.

  • It's all about opening your eyes to what's actually going on.

    In a perfect world, there wouldn't be any need to have either a BET or WET. But the world isn't perfect, and unfortunately, the playing field is uneven for different groups in this country. The fact is, white people historically had and still have a social, systemic, and economic advantage in terms of representation and opportunity in America that many minorities do not. Therefore, social mediators such as BET are necessary in order to achieve a form of equal representation for all. When this representation becomes normalized, that is when these mediators will cease to be needed. For now, the society we live in is still, for lack of a better term, a "white society". And as long as that is the case, there will never be a need for social mediators that are intended to create equal representation for white individuals. Why? Because they already have it.

    These types of questions usually upset me for the mere fact that it seems too many white people don't recognize the advantages that they have. And for them to complain that they are somehow being disadvantaged, when in reality they have been the most advantaged group since nearly the beginning of this country's inception, it is only a slap to the faces of minority groups who actually know what it means to be disadvantaged on a daily basis. These questions do not serve well to ease whatever social gaps that may exist between minorities and white people.

    That all being said--and I don't want to come off as too critical--it's good that these types of inquiries exist because they shed light as to just how much our society needs to open its eyes to what's actually going on, in terms of our social structure and the countless forms of disadvantage and privilege that exists between groups.

    It's interesting how subtle such things can get--to the point that we don't even recognize it when they happen.

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Adam2 says2014-07-01T03:15:14.187
It's not right that whites get treated that way because of what some did., but white people have their rights intact.