• It is racist.

    White families are reinforcing the inherited feeling of white supremacy that any white person has in their DNA. If we let them breed freely they will only choose another one of their own. That we must prevent. By nay means necessary. We must do it, To stop white supremacy. To stop Donald Trump. To stop white people.

  • I can't help im white

    Thats like saying well your a girl so you should go cook me something or saying well you dark skinned so your obviously a criminal gang member i can't change my pale conplection as a dark skinned person can't change theirs i can't choose who i love i fall in love with

  • No that would be bad.

    Race is a social construct, White people are not racist some are but not all. I am white and I am disgusted by white supremacy, "white pride" is Bull Shit there is no black or white. All lives matter and I say say this not because I'm afraid to say Black lives matter I'm not afraid to say it BLACK LIVES MATTER! But because all lives do matter. Humans, Animals, Youth, Women in fact this can all be summed up in Animal rights because we are all animals! F**k every form of discrimination! Love for all. All that live are equal! It doesn't matter if your Black white young old woman man Human or not human or even your from earth. ALL LIVES MATTER!

  • Um wtf why

    Would you just make white + white couples illegal as well since it could produce white babies and create a white family? That is so messed up. You can't force every white person to be in a mixed family that is like banning interracial marriage which was a thing, But just reversed. Let people have whatever families they want, Skin color shouldn't matter

  • White genocide is not the answer

    Not every white family is a kkk member, But kkk families do exist. They train the children to become to next racists. True a lot of white people only care about themselves and do not care about the plight of others and ignore racists because it has nothing to do with them.
    Still why punish the entire race?
    Same with black crime. Only some black people are criminals. We do not need to police the entire race just the ones that are violent.

  • <-- Dummy over here

    Be quiet. How can you forbid a white man from marrying a white woman when you allow gay marriage. Isn't a straight/gay marriage meant to make family the same way? White families shouldn't be illegal because families built on gay marriage are legal. You cannot give minorities respect f your going to steal from majority. If you say yes, You support reverse racism.

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