• The double standard is sad.

    Why isn't Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson talking about this. They never do; they are black white racists.

    Blacks do most of the crime in America and Hispanics next. We should have national guard in all inner cities 24-7 with curfews for everyone under 21, with searches of all punks hanging out on street corners. They are not Boy Scouts. They are mainly gangster rappers, most of whom are black, that should be in Jail. Snopp Dogg should be searched daily for drugs and should be in jail, as should most black rappers. Just sick hate whites, police and women jerks that are of no value to America.

    We should actually authorized searches of all housing projects and subsidized housing for illegal guns and they should be taken and the people that have the guns without a license thrown in jail.

  • I'm sick of it

    I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the double standards, the hypocrisy, and the blind eye the media turns to black on white violence. If us whites continue to just sit here and shrug our shoulders when things like this happen every day, it'll only get worse. Notice that the police also won't be pursuing this as a "hate crime". Just imagine if the colors were reversed? We all remember George Zimmerman and how the media and black community treated that case. Here we have no doubt a murder perpetuated by the medias coverage of GZ and the racist individuals.

    Well I'm tired of it. We need a "white" Al Sharpton. We need someone that will finally stand up to the real violent and racist tendencies of the black community. Whatever happened with the case where the black kid shot the white infant in the face right in front of the mother? Where was Obama on that one? If he had a son, that white baby would look more like him than Trayvon!

    All I can say is that if the blacks keep pushing for a race war.. Be careful what you wish for... The white man has proven to be way more than you can handle as evident by history.

  • Whites are on the a$$ end, so much for 'equality.'

    They talk about equality, but half the time it sounds more like Supremacy. You can't talk back to a black man, a Mexican, and Indian, or any minority. That's not equality.

    We have all these people who are now racist against White people, and bash on White people for being white... I shouldn't be called racist because I'm not black... The NAACP is a good example.. It's not about equality anymore, it's about Supremacy.

  • If black people are so should we.

    White people have to deal with more hate crimes in America than any other group (besides Muslims and Arabs). Some black people still think it's 1800 and don't realize that they get the benefits of affirmative action, the race card ect. White people have to stop taking this from racist people-- black, Hispanic, Native American. I'm not gonna put up with this because my ancestors didn't own slaves. Even if they did I'm against slavery as an individual. Why should I suffer for what happened hundreds of years ago.

  • Of course not

    The only people who think that whites should be rioting are retarded racist white people, and judging from the people who do think white people should be rioting, Ive been proven right..... White people have nothing to riot over since they have more rights and benefits then any other race in the US..... They have a lot to be upset about, but nothing to outright riot about......

    Its permissible for them to riot if their hockey team loses the Stanley Cup, but thats more a Canada thing not a white thing.

  • They Caused Most of The Problems

    I don't want to be offensive or racist. And I am not trying to say that all white people are evil or bad. However all blacks have generations connecting them to slavery. When slavery was abolished blacks were not set up in America to secede.
    Segregation prohibited blacks of the opportunities that whites had; the opportunities that would better them to succeed in life. We see that blacks, not able to depend on their careers or even gain a decent education found themselves resorting to crime to actually be able to live. Unfortunately this caused them to dig a hole for themselves which is very difficult for them to dig themselves out of.

    I do find myself digressing a bit from the original statement but the point is that White Americans created most of the difficulties that minorities such as blacks face. So to me it seems hypocritical for them to be claiming double standards or anything unless we seem to feel the need to erase the past.

  • Drop the race garbage.

    We are all one human race. People who believe in God mostly say this, a lot of evolutionists say this, whether God did it, evolution, or otherwise, we are all one human race. No more white people, black people, whatever, differences are cool, but we are still one. Word, yo.

  • They have no reason to riot.

    A few hurt feelings of some poor widdle white people is nothing compared to what other people of different races have gone through and still go through.

    Just because people who aren't white just want to be treated decently and are advocating for that, so maybe they don't have to fear being shot or detained by the cops while just walking down the street, it doesn't give white people any reason to be upset.

    They've had power and still do, for so long. Their rights aren't going any time soon, if it all, they're just having to share some of the rights with other people now.

    Seriously, the way people are acting, it's like a toddler with a huge jar of cookies and throwing a tantrum because another kid also got a cookie from the same jar, while they still have a huge jar left.

  • Nobody should be rioting when things like this happen.

    White people get killed by White people, Black people, Hispanic people, and all kinds of people everyday. It becomes a race thing when people are angry and enjoy being angry and will use any news story to get angrier. Black people have no right to riot when a Black person gets killed either (especially when the person who did it never posted racist tweets, and the shooter is of more than one race, duh?). There's no point in an entire race of people getting upset over one instance, like they see it every time they walk out the door and are in fear of it happening to them every day. You can be sure there are White supremacists using the death of this poor Austrailian kid as a catalyst to commit hate crimes. Those guys are also of the opinion that their race is under attack. That's what happens when you are filled with hate and paranoia. That's the mindset that rioting fosters.

  • It would further soil their image

    And as they've nearly always been taken seriously, it would be just cutting off their noses to spite their faces if they rioted; being white myself i REFUSE to have my ilk stoop to the level of the other castes. We've managed to hold our own for so long; granted, the darker skin tones seem to be less law-abiding but the beauty of that is it decreases their chances of being taken seriously! Why throw that privilege out the window when we could use it to our advantage?

  • Two wrongs don't make a right

    Rioting doesn't solve anything, it just makes you look like you escaped from a mental asylum. If the other races are rioting, who cares, it just makes them look worse off. No need to lower your standards just because other people are also doing so.
    Seriously, what's the point in rioting anyways. It just means the police come in to deal with you.

  • Northern Europeans have a Klansman sense of entitlement

    Too bad. We got equality and there's nothing you are going to do to put an end to that. See Germans complaining about the abuse they suffered is a completely different subject. They suffered abuse at the hands of lily lily white people from Northern Europe. White people stop with your sense of entitlement -- it's annoying.

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Ragnar says2013-08-23T06:48:49.783
Only if they're retards... Same as if it were the other skin color.