Should white people go through what us blacks went through while being a slave

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  • The funny thing is

    That you didn't go through being a slave. No black person in America today has. So stop f***ing acting like you are opressed because of it. It was about 300 years ago and it affects you in no way, Shape or form today. A much bigger problem is the single black motherhood problem. Fix that first.

  • Get out of here right now!

    First of all, I do not believe in white supremacy or racism. I also do not support black supremacy. Enslaving white folks won't solve anything. Enslaving white people is going to lead to so much chaos that we could start WWIII. Finally, Nobody in their right minds would vote yes because we cannot eliminate our problems with revenge. Vengeance is a poison that harms people from the inside and they don't know about it until it's near too late. So if you really think white people should be enslaved. I encourage you to think again because the people that are in their right mind would not approve of such.

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