• White Supremacy Should Be Considered Illegal

    The basis for my argument is not surrounding whether or not people should be able to believe what they want in the realm of racial diversion or superiority, but is grounded in the premise that, “sometimes the human race does not know how to control itself”. People may in their own narrow mindedness, believe in racial superiority, and that alone should not be deemed illegal, but the by product of allowing white supremacy movements has proved dramatically violent over the years, and beyond having moral and ethical loopholes, the simple fact it has a tendency to illicit violence in our society, should be grounds to make it illegal.

  • They incite violence

    I support free speech, But we already have limits on it. I do not have the freedom to make verbal threats, For example, And I believe we need MORE limits. The human species is very malleable; it is so easy to nudge us into a direction. We naturally fall into suspicion of individuals and groups who are different from ourselves. We have seen, Since the 2016 election, How easy it is to move a large swath of the population into some extremes of racism and hatred. That's bad for us - as a species, We are not sophisticated enough for that kind of free speech. I believe it's too dangerous.

  • Outlaw White Supremacy

    White Supremacy has gone to far in the United States. It has killed and injured people, caused fear and terror within minorities and White Supremacy has always had a blind eye turned away from it. The rise of Trump and the Alt-Right have make it much worse in modern society.

  • Should white supremacy be illegal?

    I say yes because it puts a bad name on white people. White supremacy is a growing problem in America and should be legalized in public at least. I'm not against freedom of speech but i am against racism. Every body should be equal and no one should be jugged just because their skin is different than yours.

  • Fuck white supremacy

    Wengine wengi katika utaifa nyeupe na kuja hitimisho zao nje ya hasira na hofu, lakini Derek wakijifanya kama watu wengi alikutana, bila kujali rangi. Badala yake, walitaka nje mantiki na sayansi kuthibitisha mtazamo wake, kusoma masomo kutoka mizinga kihafidhina kufikiri kuhusu tofauti za kibaiolojia kati ya jamii, IQ tofauti na viwango vya uhalifu wa kutumia nguvu yaliyofanywa na weusi dhidi ya wazungu. Alianzisha redio kila siku kwa kushiriki maoni yake, na Don kulipwa $ 275 kila wiki kuwa nayo matangazo katika kituo cha AM katika jirani ya Ziwa Worth. On hewa, Derek kusaidiwa maarufu wazo la mauaji ya kimbari nyeupe, ambayo wazungu walikuwa kupoteza utamaduni na mila zao kwa mkubwa, nonwhite uhamiaji. "! Kama sisi kusema elfu mara-'White mauaji Sisi ni kupoteza udhibiti wa nchi yetu '- wanasiasa ni kwenda kuanza kwa kusema kuwa, pia," alisema. Alirudia wazo katika mahojiano, Stormfront posts na wakati wa hotuba yake katika mkutano wa katika Memphis, wakati yeye alikuwa katika yake fulani zaidi.

  • I believe that the congregation of groups in public places in the form of meetings and marches should be illegal.

    Obviously, they can feel and think what they want, but to publicly display the idea that one race is superior to another, with reference to the Nazi regime should not be allowed to to take place in this country. By allowing them space, we encourage their beliefs and that's wrong.

  • Yes it should be

    It's fine that you believe that a particular race is superior to others but it should be illegal to act upon that belief. To believe that ones race is superior means to disregard other races, and when acting upon this belief it can only be fueled by hate and pride, which ultimately leads to hate crimes. Look up what White supremacy means and see for yourself why it should be illegal

  • Yes, to an extent.

    Creating havoc for other races or religions is always wrong. Having the belief you are supreme, but not doing anything to try and prove that or provoke others isn't against any laws, and should not be because we have a right to our own thoughts. Hate crimes, and similar things like that should be though.

  • No, white supremacy should not be illegal.

    Freedom comes with its costs as well as its rewards. One of those rewards is that a person can believe whatever they want to and one of those costs is that a person can believe whatever they want to. To outlaw white supremacy is to outlaw thought. What thoughts do you have that might need to be outlawed?

  • It already is.

    You know all those affirmative action laws and hate crimes related to racism? Yeah, that effectively outlaws white supremacy in practice. As for ideology, it can't be outlawed. Except for certain criminal acts that did not come to fruition, one cannot be tried for a crime of intent or thought. Any additional laws against white supremacy would cross this line into criminalizing thoughts.

  • To criminalize a belief system- however heinous- would set a terrible precedent.

    The definition for white supremacy is the BELIEF that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society. Clearly this is a belief grounded in ignorance, insecurity, and cyclical indoctrination. That being said, it is a belief, and as such cannot be deemed illegal. If individuals subscribing to this belief choose to act upon it in ways that harm or otherwise infringe on the rights and wellbeing of others, those ACTIONS are (or should be) illegal. Do I wish that racism of any sort didn't exist? Of course. Do I wish we had a way to determine when a bigoted individual will act out and thereby prevent it? All the time! However, history has shown that curtailing rights rather than enlightening through education and discussion only worsens dissension. And to criminalize white supremacy (belief) would set a dangerous precedent.

  • Race supremacy isn't, so no.

    If you look around the world there are several members of every race that feel as if their culture should be superior and entitled to special treatment due to what their ancestry endured or achieved. There are sexes that feel this way. It is our right as humans to feel the way we want to feel, believe what we want to believe, and view the world the way we want to view it.

  • Unfortunately, no it can not.

    There is no way to outlaw an ideology and maintain the Constitutional right to free speech. While bigotry and intolerance might be appalling to most, it isn't illegal. Any violent actions of said white supremacist groups are already illegal under the criminal code, but the groups themselves are protected by the freedom of speech and the freedom to peaceably assemble.

    The greatest test of patriotism is whether you are willing to defend the rights of someone with whom you vehemently disagree.

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BrooklynHaze says2013-04-04T20:39:55.823
Supremacy anything should be illegal, it's asinine to think it does any good whatsoever.