• Yes it should

    I think that Wi-Fi should be free at Marriott hotels, and cheaper everywhere else. I think Internet is ridiculously expensive. A hotel already charges so much though, I think Internet should be included as an amenity to the people who are spending so much already to stay there in the first place.

  • Free Wi-Fi Marriott

    The Marriott Hotels should offer Wi-Fi services free to all of their customers. This is a well established hotel that has been in business for many years. Many business travelers rely on this hotel when traveling for business. Business customers rely on Wi-Fi- service to conduct their business while traveling.

  • Wifi should be free

    Wifi should be free at Marriott Hotels simply out of a wise business choice. Why should people pay for such low level technology like Wifi? It's insane. We should not allow companies to gauge us as much as they do, and Wifi is just no exception to that rule in our society.

  • Hotels Should Provide Wi-Fi

    I think all hotels should include Wi-Fi with their base per night rate as it has become very common and useful to the majority of the public. The majority of guests are going to want to utilize this service or will find other means if hotels don't provide it for free.

  • No no no

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