Should wife-sharing be considered to have a positive impact on its participants?

  • It can have a good effect.

    Depending on the type of relationship you're in. My wife and I were monogamous for eighteen years before we tried swinging. It was definitely a great thing for us. It opened our eyes to a different way of seeing things. If you make a connection between love and sex then it's not for you. We see love and sex as two completely separate and distinct things and realizing this was a huge liberating thing. We know their is no jealousy between us and we don't pretend we are different than we feel inside. We are much more honest with each other and we know as a couple there is no adversity we can't overcome. I feel sorry for the people who live in that quiet desperation of believing one thing andlivinand living another.

  • No dumb ass

    What just what wife sharing is bad for everyone involved and society it's bad for the woman physiologically it's bad for the dumb asses who will now be extremely jealous and for what why what I the purpose can anyone tell me why and what about any kids they gonna get hurt because of all the jealousy it's not ok

  • No it shouldn't.

    I don't think that wife-sharing has a positive impact on its participants. I think that it does damage to a woman's self-esteem. I think that she may pretend, or even think, that she likes it but in the end it is going to damage her and her relationship. It is not a good thing!

  • It's not normal.

    No, wife-sharing should not be considered to have a positive impact on its participants, because it is cheating, even if it is known about. People cannot sleep with other people without some of them becoming attached, physically or emotionally. Wife-sharing can only leading to heartache and to broken relationships. Fidelity is best.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I believe people who enter marriage should be following the tenets of that union. I do not admonish that lifestyle but it's not a lifestyle that should be associated with marriage. If couples want to participate in an open lifestyle then they shouldn't make life long commitments to one person.

  • No, not sure what wife sharing is.

    Since there are more women than men in most societies, it makes some kind of cultural sense for one man to have a few wives if all parties want that, although there is an emotional price that most women will not pay. There is no reason for one woman to have a few husbands and most women would not want that either. Still those who need such freedoms should have them.

  • No, it shouldn't

    Wife sharing is a terrible idea, because it treats people like they are inhuman. The women especially. When you marry someone, you commit to them, and that's it. If you want to wife share, stay single and just go see as many people as you can. There are choices you make in life.

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