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  • No, Assange should face the consequences

    If he indeed committed a crime, it should be investigated in its entirety.The consequences and repercussions should have been known to Julian Assange and the UN should not feel obligated to protect him. If the man committed a crime, then he should be punished as such. People are arrested everyday for much pettier things, so why should he be protected.

  • His acts of espionage have put sensitive information into the wrong hands.

    Certain information maintained by government officials should remain classified for a reason. The government keeps important information out of the hands of potential enemies and keeps it hidden to be able to do their jobs to track and prevent threats to national security. If the public knows everything the government is doing, then it gives terrorists easier ways to work around government surveillance methods.

  • Assange: No Protection

    Julian Assange should receive no protection from the UN. There is an old refrain which states that sausage-making and law-making should occur in private. The same can be said for foreign policy affairs. The confidential information that Mr. Assange leaked caused much damage in diplomatic circles. In addition, human intelligence operations were compromised, possibly causing the deaths of US government agents. Rather than being protected, Mr. Assange should be apprehended and brought to justice.

  • Aren't there wars and starving people left?

    For all the resources consumed by the United Nations in its ongoing effort to bring peace and prosperity to the world, does an ultra-wealthy guy with a legal problem really need to occupy the time and resources of a multi-national organization? Lawyers can defend Assange; they cannot intervene in Syria, Ukraine, the Balkans, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Armenia, North Korea, Iraq, Yemen and who knows where else.

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