Should Wilcox County High School proms be racially integrated?

  • We say yes.

    Everybody should be together because they are in the same class, and friends. Separation is racist and it's wrong because we stopped this in the United States a long time ago. We all know it's wrong, so why do it? This is a violation of the Declaration of Human Rights Act 1, 2, 6, 8, and 20.

  • Yes, without question Wilcox County High School's Prom should be racially integrated!

    The fact that proms in Wilcox County are privately funded and organized is NO justification for the school board's de facto acceptance of the segregation of a school activity that is central to every high school student's life. If the community can't agree upon a privately funded, integrated prom then the board must take jurisdiction of the event and ensure it is accessible to ANY student who desires to attend.

  • What year is it?

    Why is this still a problem? Is this fueled by the students or their parents? Kids need to learn to accept others as they are. Our parents/grandparents marched and protested against segregation. Let's do them proud. We can only go forward. If we go back, then people haven't learned anything from history. You can't change the color of your skin, or who you love. So let's just move on and accept it. Let's not be a joke to other countries!

  • Really? We're still doing this .... Come on people!

    I can't believe this is even an issue anymore .... You people should be ashamed that your putting the kids through this .... What is it going to take before people accept that we are all equal in this world .... This is probably the worst form of discrimination known to the human race ... Did you forget that your country (what you refer to as the greatest nation on the planet) is founded on immigrants from all over the world ... Some came by choice and some didn't!

    Hmmmmmmmm ... Where did your ancestors originate from?? You might be surprised!

    Posted by: SVS
  • Yes Wilcox County High School needs to racially integrate their Prom.

    Yes there is NO justification for having segregated proms. The statement that proms are organized and held by private organizations does not change the fact they are racially segregated. The Wilcox County School Board needs to step and take control of this right of passage for all high school students. Someone needs to remind the school board that the Supreme Court ruled in 1957 that "separate but equal" is not acceptable for public education.

  • Yes these proms should be racially integrated.

    The whole idea behind our American democratic society is to be accepting of those that are different from us and to have segregated proms only instills the belief that the races are not equal. The old bigoted ways of the past should be shown for what they are and have no place in today's educational system.

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