• Yes of course

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  • They Will be Safer

    Do you want animals dying because there is not enough food for them? If they don't get food, they will become food. What about crippled animals? They will surely die without interference. If we take wild animals in as pets, they won't die as quickly and they can live a long, happy life.

  • It depends ...

    In our opinion it's okay that wild animals are allowed as pets because if their master gives them a high standard of life and comfort and enough love that's okay.
    But, on the other hand, just think they are "wild". This means they should live out in the wild and survive based on their natural instinct.

  • Not at all

    They shouldn't be because you cant get hurt or even get a disease and you may not even until you feel well awkward I guess... They grow up and their instincts kick in way harder then ever its just cuz their not used to it. Thats why they shouldnt be pets

  • Leave it to the experts

    Do you have any idea how to take care of a wild animal? I don't.

    Wild animals need to be in their natural habitat. That's how they survive. It's the only way they have done it their whole life. They also need space to exercise and play.

    Domesticating a wild animal wouldn't just be a challenge, it would take up all of your time! You wouldn't be able to turn your back without fearing for your furniture or your life!

    I strongly believe wild animals should not be allowed as pets.

  • Don't do it!

    Wild animals are very difficult to take care of and if they are not given the proper care they may inflict damage on their "owners." Wild animals also carry lots of diseases such as Rabies, Herpes, and Salmonella. So far there has been at least 75 deaths of animals because of this. Domestication of a species takes centuries, so chances are that some one will get hurt.

  • No no no

    No because they need their freedom they don't want be bossed around all day.One time their was this woman she had a pet monkey and it ripped her face of. That's why dangerous animals need freedom. If you want a pet that's dangerous well their goanna turn on you 1 day. -samuel

  • No, wild animals should not be pets.

    Wild animals should not be pets because they have no interest in being a pet. They want to be wild and away from human contact. True pets want to be with humans such as a dog. Having a wild animal as a pet is unfair to the wild animal as it can never be truly happy.

  • Wild animals should not be allowed as pets.

    Wild animals are dangerous and are very likely to harm humans if provoked. People should not keep wild animals as pets for the obvious reason that they could harm their owners or other people in the neighborhood. Although it may be fun to have an exotic pet, the dangers outweigh the advantages.

  • Wild Animals Are Meant to be Wild

    Wild animals are just that--wild animals. They should be allowed to roam their natural habitats as much as possible and make lousy pets. Who wants to feed a lion or tiger tons of meat per year? Who wants to feed an elephant tons of plants every day just to maintain its body weight? Humans should go to the wild to see wild animals, not the other way around.

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