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Let the animals be safe.

  The animals are safe in zoos unlike when they are in the wild. Their habitats are destroyed and some animals are killed for food, clothing, or money like a rhino can be killed for its tusk or a lion can be killed for its fur. Anyway, the zoo IS a safe shelter for the animals.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T21:31:51.097
But humans are destroying them, if we leave them alone in their natural habitat they would live longer
CupcakeLove says2013-04-14T18:42:02.827
Not all animals can take care of themselves in the wild, therefor those animals will die faster then the animals living in zoos.
Anonymous says2013-08-20T15:47:28.507
This is a good point. Hats Offf!!!!
THE-JOKER says2014-04-06T17:52:03.217
I couldn't agree more
mundebater22 says2014-05-24T20:36:47.043
I definately dont agree. Wild animals dont need you to protect them, nature is doing that, you cant take natures place. You are just keeping them in cages and then saying that you saved their life.
LimPin says2014-08-05T21:30:08.857
Very, very helpful. Thank you so much for such relevant information. Im writing a debate for school and i have to say that animals should 'NOT' be kept in captivity. I deeply love animals, but i feel sorry for them kept in cages, but i think they will be safer there.

Thx all,

LimPin :)
cmdloc says2014-09-20T00:07:42.110
@mundebater22 humans are not part of nature; the humans are the ones killing them, we are the top reason why animal species gets extincted
Bree123 says2015-03-18T14:13:11.487
Yes they may be safe but there life is cut short because of zoo's they are abused and drugged for un med. Porpose
ari.g says2015-04-07T14:02:52.680
Do you even know how animals are treated in zoos. You cant just say they are safe because that's what you see from the outside. You don't know how they are treated when theirs not a crowd
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