• Once wilderness is gone, it's gone.

    Wilderness is precious. As we continue to develop our cities, towns, and rural municipalities, some areas should be set aside as wilderness. This designation must be a long-term one, because although human management takes place on a scale of years and decades, the timescale of ecosystems is one of centuries. Protecting and valuing wilderness should be a national priority.

  • Wilderness protection already is a major national issue.

    For several years, there has been a major dispute regarding a pipeline that is slated to be laid through some of the northern states in the country. Many argue that this pipeline would violate many natural wilderness sites. The issue was so big that it even became a point of debate during the last presidential election.

  • Yes, we need to protect the wilderness.

    Everyone should be concerned about preserving the wilderness. We have already lost a lot of our population of wild animals. As an example, wolves and mountain lions used to be more prevalent. As we have built houses and businesses, we've displaced animals from their natural habitats. It's important for all of us to want to help preserve nature, and the government should be involved in protecting areas for the wild.

  • You only get it once

    Once wildnerness is cut back and plundered for resources, that's it. You don't get it back. It may not seem like a high priority now, after all, it's okay if we pillage this area, we have more, right? At a certain point that stops being true, and there's no going back once you're there.

  • Yes, it should be.

    I often go to my grandmothers house and they have national forest land there. It is very beautiful and special. I think the natural state of the Earth should be protected where possible. These lands are a national treasure and the trees and wilderness should be preserved. I get much enjoyment from the lands.

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