• Yessss theyyyy shouldddddd

    They should because if they are like ill or something they need to be looked after!!!!! Also if they have will have the right care and will die happy. They will have the right food and medical care! They will not need to survive in the wild they are just looked after

  • Yes they should.

    Wile animals should be kept in captivity. Humans are the stronger and smarter species, so we should be allowed to do what ever we want to. The animals who are captured still have a life, and they do not have to go out and search for food to survive anymore.

  • Yeah they should !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If they re kept in he wild they could easily be killed and poached. What a terrible end for these innocent and poor animals. Also it would help with them breed and that would be good for these innocent animals because if these animals are endangered, it would help them reproduce and help them become awesome.

  • Yes they should

    They should for their own. Good we do not want animals to get poached or killed for fur for that is illegal instead we should fight for the health and safety of our innocent animals.We should also keep them in cages for the safety of humans. How you feel if you were scared to come out of your house because you knew there was a wild animal on the loose.

  • Yes, wild animals can be, but only in rare circumstances.

    In most circumstances, I don't believe in wild animals being kept in captivity, but there are some exceptions. For example, parrots are kept as pets and generally enjoy home life if they are treated properly. Wild animals are kept in zoos, which can help educate people. Also, in rehabilitation, wild animals can be kept in captivity temporarily in order to help them recover from trauma.

  • We can help them.

    Yes, wild animals should be kept in captivity, because there is a lot of good that can be done by keeping those animals healthy. In captivity, the animals can be studied. This can result in a better living situation for animals in the wild. The animals in captivity are generally taken care of.

  • Depends on context

    Keeping animals in captivity can be great or awful, and it all depends on the context in which we are speaking. Animals can be, for instance, kept as pets in loving homes and benefit greatly from the love of the family, or can be kept cruelly and be miserable - captivity itself is not the issue.

  • No they shouldnt

    Animals are lovely beings and should never be kept in captivity. The only one who should be kept in captivity is Donald trump. With his crusty hair he should be locked in cages with Hillary. His wife don't even like him. So that is my statement for today tank you

  • "All Creatures Are Deserving Of A Life Free From Fear And Pain." -Maura Cummings

    Should wild animals be free in the wild or be kept in captivity?Animals should not be kept in captivity because zoos do not treat animals very well, animals don't live for as long as in the wild,and animals have a very boring life in captivity,not like their potential life in the wild.

    What is the main purpose of zoos keeping animals in captivity?Zoos seriously think that keeping animals in cages will help them live longer,but the way they treat the animals is not good.All animals are drugged if their behaviour is "out of turn." They only do this so that when people come to visit,they won't see how bad the animals behaviour is,or they don't want the visitors to know how they are treating the animals.

    How long do animals live for in the zoo?Zoos are good places but I know for sure that the animals don't live their life to the fullest.In the wild animals live for a very long time,animals know how to hunt on their own and look after themselves.In the zoo animals only get a limited amount of food,in the wild animals get to eat as much as they want. Orcas in the wild can live up to 60-90 years.The median age of Orcas in captivity is only 9 years.

    Consequently,animals have a very boring life in their cages.I mean how would your life be if you were caged up and were never allowed to come out of your cage?Animals in zoos only have a limited of space to walk,run or play around.Just like the dolphins kept in captivity, dolphins only get to swim in circles,but in the wild they can explore the deep blue sea.

    By now if you don't agree with me you are either heartless or you aren't well educated.

    In conclusion I am utterly convinced that animals should not be kept in captivity.If you disagree with me this means you have no heart and you don't show any love for these poor animals.Animals should be free from fear and pain.

  • Unless cared for

    Unless they are cared for by an owner with great knowledge of the animal or are an experienced owner that treats the animals fairly, no. Animals deserve freedom and unless they are a specific domestic animal such as a dog, which do also deserve the right to freedom I should mention, with an experienced owner, like I mentioned. Dogs and domestic animals likewise have been kept as pets for hundreds of years but wild animals such as primates and parrots etc should definitely not be domesticated and wild animals such as big cats should not be kept in captivity.

  • Animals should not be kept in captivity.

    For example, marine animals should not be kept in aquariums. Chemicals are sometimes put into the tanks and dolphins swim for miles everyday when in the wild. Do you want to swim around in circles having people tapping on your glass? No way! Animals should be free to do whatever they want.

  • No they should not.

    No animal should have to be kept into captivity. It does not matter if they are wile or what ever else might be the case, they should not have to be subjected to that. Only in cases where people are trying to actually help them and make it so they are healed do I agree with it.

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