Should Windows 8 become the standard operating system for businesses?

  • Business must use the latest technology

    Businesses must use the latest technology, failure to do so only creates a drag on productivity and it is just a lack of investment in its processes and people. Many companies fear the use of new technology until it is proven and as such miss many opportunities for innovation and new sales.

  • Yes it should.

    I do think that Windows 8 should become the standard operating system for businesses. Many businesses use outdated operating systems. This slows down their productivity quite a bit. The computers are also prone to viruses which makes the computers even slower. Of course, this really can't be enforced but they should be using Windows 8.

  • No not Windows 8

    Windows 8 still has its problems. First time one uses it, is like walking through a door through your house, but it takes you to a different room than normal. Yes they should stay up to date, but Windows 7 is good enough. Microsoft stopped xp updates and support, but we can still use Windows 7. Windows 8 has many confusing changes hard to get used to. Like there is now a full screen start menu. Yes it can be bypassed with a shell, but some are viruses.

  • No, it's useful only for tablets.

    If there is a business which operates mainly by use of tablets and other touch devices, Windows 8 will suit them perfectly. From day one, it's been evident that this newest Windows version was designed with touch screens in mind, with functionality for the more traditional interface methods added later. Unfortunately, this means that the learning curve, and the day-to-day usability of Windows 8 is prohibitive for most businesses, who need their staff to be working effectively, not worrying about how to use their computer.

  • Windows 8 is too new to be the standard.

    I think Windows 8 is still a little too new to be the standard operating system for most businesses. I know that I have personally had some problems with a handful of bugs that needed to be worked out. For that reason, I think Windows 7 would probably be the best option since it's an operation system that both businesses and consumers at large are used to.

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