• Yes they should

    Woman have to work because they allawded to work many peoples talks that they should not work and be in their homes wrong they should work if there was no woman in any country there future will be dangouers woman is a society of a country and need more morable to there country good

  • Of we should work! And we do!

    We have every rigtht to work. This is the 20th centruy not the 1950's. Women are independent and dont need to depend on a guy. Being a housewife is pathetic, degrading, boring, and just flat out ridiculous. Who wants to clean all day? You could be supporting the bills and making a living. There is no need to be a leech, the guys dont have to pay for everything, make your own money. Yes a lot of homes neeed both parents working but even if you didnt theres no need to be a housewife. Cooking and cleaning is not a females job.

  • Yes, God says women should be industrious.

    Yes, wives should be allowed to work, because it is important in a lot of homes to have two incomes in order to make ends meet. Women are told in the Bible to sell their goods in the market, and to keep busy. It is good that women who think working will make them happy can work and pursue their goals.

  • What the heck?

    What kind of question is this? Of course! Most people think of the women being the stay at home parents, when in reality, the women work just as much, if not more than men raising more money for the family. If the husband doesn't have a good enough paying job, their wife could have a job to make the money that the husband won't be able to provide.

  • Wives should only work outside the home if their husbands, their lords and masters say so.

    So it is not a matter of their being "allowed". Of course, inside the home they should always be fulfilling their proper role, doing their domestic duties and submitting to their husbands' desires. This is even when they have an outside job. Their husbands and their families, especially sons, should have priority. Female children should be trained in their duties and learn by example so that their tiny minds do not get seduced by the feminist lie, pervasive as it is in society, that men and boys are not superior to them.

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