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  • Wolves are not killers

    Wolves are amazing,beautiful creatures. Why do people treat them like trash? Wolf killing upsets the natural balance of ecosystems. And dogs are a subspecies of the wolf. Killing wolves is like killing dogs. Wolves do not kill people. They are highly intelligent and deserve respect. Why are people so heartless?

  • Killing wolves for fun, does not make you a man. But it does make you less of a human being.

    Wolves don't need to die from foolish hunters who kill for joy. Even if wolves are protected there are always poachers that take their lives. If we all try to get everyone on our side we can make the government keep the wolves protected in all the states. Cause wolves have lives too. They are a sign of loyalty and courage. We basically lose our courage when wolves are being killed. Hunters just want to have fun killing things. Might as well make a Hunger Games for hunters to see if they enjoy killing that much. We don't see wolves killing their own pack members.

  • Live, wolves, LIVE!

    What did wolves ever do to deserve death! They never did anything to deserve the title of big, bad, wolf. Look how Yellowstone has flourished when wolves were reintroduced! There have only been a few recorded cases of wolves killing people, so we kill them for these reasons in order of most likely:
    1: For fun.
    2: Because people, are scared of them.
    3: For pelts.

  • If you leave them alone they'll leave you alone.

    Wolves are killers and some of you are scared of them so you think that if u kill them that will help. Thats not the case. If you walk into their home of course they'll attack you. Don't us humans do the same. Say someone walks into your house and trys to kill you wouldn't you fight back? Also what if u have kids with you? Wouldn't you protect them with your life? Thats what the wolves are doing. Protecting their home. But if they come to your house and attack you you have the right to kill them, but see if u can chase them them away if not you can kill them. Thats my opinion on this matter

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