Should wolves be reintroduced to Britain and Ireland?

Asked by: StolenMadWolf
  • Wolves are not dangerous, and are good for the ecosystem

    I agree with StolenMadWolf, because they will keep the deer population down much much better than humans. Besides I don't know who actually eats deer meat. Plus it is more natural than hunting. We are not wolves, and we need to know that this is what they know how to do. You could say it's what they were born to do.

  • Wolves: Awesome and nessessary

    Pretty much two arguements here:

    1) Wolves are amazing! Howling at the moon and pack life looks cool!

    2) On a more serious note, wolves will be able to get the natural balance especially in England and Scotland back in swing. Wolves will be able to keep the population of deer down alot better than a bunch of men with guns, which will allow much of the UK habitat to recover naturally, allowing for more sustainable habitats and allowing a more diverse selection of wildlife. If it worked in Yellowstone it can certainly work here.

  • It will mess with the eco system

    Even though wolves were there in the past the eco system still changed and adapted when they left so if they reintroduce the wolves it might screw everything up and as far as the too many deer as long as there is still grass and vegetation then it should b fine

  • Wolves: Dangerous and unnessessary.

    1st. Wolves are not big fluffy dogs, they are wild predators that do not fear humans like other predators, they see us as prey, as an easy, tasty, reachable, slow, grease-rich meal.

    2nd. Deer is actually consumed by humans, reintroducing wolves would decrease the ammount of meat available for people who hunt.

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