• Yes and I’m a girl

    I love being masculine. Exercising, Outdoor activity, And wrestling are my hobbies along with making people look like idiots. Anyway, Why not, I love my lifestyle and I only wore a dress three times in my life, Once during my pre-K musical, Once at the prom, And a third time at my wedding. Besides those three events, Khaki pants are my style and yeah, People stared think I was weird to wear khakis to homecoming 12/12 times but it’s a free country, Enough with old school feminism already.

  • I don’t care

    I don’t care what a lady wants to do. If she wants to live life like a man, Then so be it. If she doesn’t, So be it. Anyone, I personally believe the best ladies are the ones that don’t act like idiots which is about 98% of the female population so selection is hard.

  • Most women are borderline retarded

    As are most men, So I think it's great that most women and men these days are taking steroids to pretend to be stronger than they really are. We need them all to die off from diseases and heart attacks so we can raise the average IQ.

    To the biden supporting women out there, Please take more steroids. Take too many. Take more than even that, Actually.

  • Oh we all love this

    Do you know why female hero’s are becoming more popular, Because they’re taking on the boy tracks when it comes to you know what. I mean, 5yo’s twirling in princess dresses may be cute but miss sue marvel or the mad titan’s daughter in their combat based uniform kicking butt cheeks is going to draw more attention from the adult majority. Don’t get me wrong here. Nothing wrong with being cute but tough is betetr

  • Actually yes but for a dumb reason

    I’m a pretty weak guy and I would want a strong masculine woman to toy around with me and tease me a bunch and also make me go workout with her a bunch as my couch or something. So yeah I would like masculine woman however forcing woman to be masculine is a bit far LOL

  • Men don't want masculine women

    Women that don't care to marry and desire to focus on their career ought to be more masculine. However, If a woman desires marriage and having children, The research is clear that it is better for the man to be more masculine than the woman. Marriages in which the female earns more than the man are more likely to divorce, Creating a bad situation for kids. For the interest of kids in society, We ought to encourage women to value family and work flexible jobs, Yet not shame women that want to pursue careers.

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