• Statistics show the young have a much higher rate of divorce.

    A 20 year study of marriages in America found that those who married under the age of 24 had a much higher incidence of divorce than those who married at 25 or older. In addition, education made a big difference. Those who married under 25 with a high school diploma or less had a 72% chance of divorce over the 20 year period. Those who married at 25 or over with a college degree or higher had only a 44% chance.

    Those who are young and have little education are also the least equipped to have financial independence, particularly if children are involved in the divorce. A large majority of the people in this country on public assistance are young single mothers, many who found themselves on the wrong side of a divorce with no education or marketable skills because they married too young.

  • They should avoid marrying too young.

    A woman should marry when she wants to marry, whether young or old, but she should avoid marrying too young, meaning that she should have as much education or movement toward her career goals as she wants, before feeling that she has to marry. So many marriages endure only because of financial necessity, that a woman's goal should be to be financially independent before marrying, whatever age that might be.

  • Relationship changes after marriage...

    Men want sex, sex and more sex. Men know nothing about holding or caressing a woman. They only want to get to first base as soon as possible. Women aren't ready for the home run all of the time. Get over yourself, you aren't what you were before you were married.

  • Does it matter?!

    Personally I feel marriage is a choice as now we have this post-modern view that their is so much choice around and we can pretty much do what we want (within reason). I think that whenever love and commitment is concerned it is between the two people concerned. I'm not saying that everyone makes the right choices as in getting married to quickly but its for them to decided, if they feel ready then let them get on with it! I don't think that getting married young would suit everybody however I think it is only a choice the individual can make to as if they fell ready to commit to such a big thing.

  • Women should do what is best for them.

    I think that when a woman marries should be completely up to them. This could mean that they get married right out of high school, or it could mean that they wait until they are in their 30s. It all depends on the particular woman and what they want to do with their life.

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