• Women are supposed to have the same rights as men.

    Women is Saudi Arabia should be allowed to drive. They are human beings, not sexual objects. Men often interpret the Qur'an in their favour by affirming that they are superior to women. However, that is not the case. The Qur'an clearly states that men and women are equal, and education is encouraged for both genders, including learning how to drive. Women in Saudi Arabia should be allowed to drive to claim some freedom and independence

  • Women should be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

    The only reason that people are upset that women should drive is because the men in Saudi Arabia believe that we should oppress women. They want women do nothing and just be an object for men to take advantage of. If women start driving they think it will promote more free thinking and equality and they don't want that. Women should have the same equalities as men but their way of thinking is stopping the advancement of women in their society.

  • Saudi Arabia Women

    Women should drive in Saudi Arabia. However, it is up to the women of Saudi Arabia to make that important determination to let the government know of their desire to drive. Most often it is outsiders who want countries to adhere to the way women are treated in their countries.

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