Should women be able to get feminine hygiene products for free?

  • No one chooses to have a period.

    When a biological female is born, they don't sign up to have periods. They also cannot control their periods and have no choice in the matter, due to it being a biological function and sometimes very inconvenient.

    Feminine hygiene products are expensive to get. For someone who has no choice in the matter of a monthly cycle, I don't consider this very fair at all.

    If they're not made free at least, they should be less expensive.

  • Yo, would a protest be appropriate?

    We can all just go without pads, tampons, and liners until men get so uncomfortable by sight and smell of blood everywhere, they give in and make products free, or at least lower the price. It may not be the most effective way, as we have to deal with it, too, but we know how to clean it out of our own clothes. They'll be stuck with trying to find a seat in public not covered in the nasty mess.

  • Yes so long as our government tries to regulate our body parts

    We have a government that constantly tries (and often succeeds) at placing tough restrictions on abortion access. If they want to regulate our lady parts, they should pay for costs relating to those parts. Including period products (like pads, tampons and menstrual cups) in addition to pre-natal care, birth control methods, medical expenses for (child birth, surgery of reproductive organs) and all expenses related to child raising

  • Yes, completely. 100%

    Condoms are free and feminine hygiene products are not.
    Having sex is a choice, you don't NEED a condom. Women NEED feminine hygienne products as to not embarrass ourselves during our periods. It's not something any of us enjoy so why should we have to pay in more ways than one when they happen?

  • Of course they should

    Following of course that Men should able to receive Masculine hygiene products for free as a by product of this question. Regardless of gender though, Hygiene products should be circulated freely among the general population of a country, for the interests of public health and death prevention. It's just morally right I suppose.

  • They should be free

    Pads and tampons can be quite expensive and girls can't help it that they are going through extreme amounts of pain and are bleeding uncontrollably. Having a period is not a choice and women shouldn't have to pay for it. They should be free because not everybody can afford them even though it is completely necessary

  • Yes, women are being exploited

    No woman chooses to have a period, and society demands we use these products. Let's not forget that without them we'd be bleeding all over the place which is not only unseemly but also unhygienic due to blood-borne illness and disease. Without periods humankind as we know it would not exist. It is hypothesized that humans first learned to keep track of time by comparing a woman's cycle with the phases of the moon. It also goes without saying that man would literally not exist if it weren't for periods. These products are a necessity and companies are making billions every year by exploiting women.

  • Yes . Completely.

    Having periods is a biological process which prepares the female to produce new individual. It is not a shameful thing. Every women has a right to the basic needs of her body, which must be respected.Sanitary napkins are very essential and must not be regarded as a taboo rather should be provided free of cost or at least at minimum price to each and every women with proper guidance of it's use.

  • Yes . Completely.

    Having periods is a biological process which prepares the female to produce new individual. It is not a shameful thing. Every women has a right to the basic needs of her body, which must be respected.Sanitary napkins are very essential and must not be regarded as a taboo rather should be provided free of cost or at least at minimum price to each and every women with proper guidance of it's use.

  • Hell Yes!! This is one item every female is entitled to.

    Tampons and pads are necessities not luxuries--like toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, nutritional food, safe shelter and medical/dental care. If a girl/woman cannot afford them she should be able to get them free of charge at the local drugstore with a voucher of some kind or make it a part of WIC or EBT program.

  • No need for tampons

    Tampons and pads are luxury items! Like thousands of years ago, people didnt have tampons and all that. But they survived anyway, i dont think that tampons should be free because its a luxury ware! And btw you cant make it free the factories that produce them wouldnt make money and in the end close...

  • No, women should not be able to get feminine hygiene products for free.

    With as many women out there having a period, stores would go broke! Seriously, though, paying for feminine hygiene products is the same as paying for shampoo and toilet paper. It a necessary product and it should be paid for by the consumer. We already get condoms for free at the health department.

  • Being a woman myself, I do not agree that feminine hygiene products should be free. Maybe cheaper. Not free.

    Sure we're born biologically female and we get periods without our control, but you could argue a lot of things should be free because we have no control over them. It's just the way things are. Making them free just isn't a good investment. It's just part of being a girl. That's like making painkillers free to people who get migraines etc.

  • This is not a feminist issue

    Feminine hygiene products are not expensive. Most people just go for the more expensive products: pads and tampons.
    Feminine hygiene products are not a necessity. Just like toilet paper, we can manage without -- it would be gross but we can manage. This didn't mean that they are a luxury item.

  • Women aren't being punished with their periods.

    Everyone's different and has different expenses for being alive. I understand that tampons and pads and such are products men don't have to worry about, and thus give them an unfair advantage over women because they don't have to put their income into them.
    But men are bigger than women, on average and need to eat more. Should men's food be subsidized?
    White people need to use more sunscreen than black people. Should they not have to pay for sunscreen?
    My big feet make it hard to find shoes. Should I get tax-payer money for that?
    We can't make things fair, we shouldn't try to, we don't know what fair even would look like.
    And if you want to make these products more accessible to the poor, donate money and supplies. That would be quite noble.

  • Tampons should not be free for everyone

    While I agree that feminine products being taxed for being a "luxury item", I do not agree that they should be free for everyone.
    For low income females; absolutely. They should be covered under food stamps and available in homeless shelters and food banks.
    Should they be required to be in all public restrooms? No.
    Look, glasses aren't free because you are born with poor eyesight. Now, insurance does cover them and their are programs for low income people to get glasses, that's true. And they are not taxed, as the government regards them as medically necessary. But by no means are they a human right. If anything, I need glasses before I need feminine products.

  • What about toilet paper/wet wipes/diapers?

    I agree that we women can't help the fact that we menstruate. We didn't sign up for it. We didn't choose it... BUT humans also didn't sign up to have to urinate & defecate. If tampons are free, toilet paper, baby wipes & diapers should be free. I mean, we gotta clean our asses to avoid embarrassment, stains etc. If you wanna take it further, food & water should be free too because we HAVE to eat to survive. Food & water are more important that pads & tampons. We can live without tampons. It'd be incredibly messy but we'd still survive. We can't survive without food. Do feminists just sit around thinking of more things to complain about?

  • Not for free

    These items are not necessary entirely, other items that are much cheaper and or reusable are for sale. Women do not deserve free products just because they cannot stop having their period does not mean the government should have to supply them with femine products. We should not be giving anything like this away for free, 3$ a month 36$ a year maybe 2800$ in a long life. Everyone can afford that, if you do not work and pay taxes you shouldn't get anything for free unless you are disabled

  • Maybe people should get everything that they need for free.

    Maybe water should be free because I need it. Or maybe I should get food for free because I need it. Eating and drinking are biological processes that can't be controlled, but no one is asking for free food and water. Just because it's necessary doesn't mean that it should be free.

  • Not realistic for some economies.

    I understand the argument that girls don't chose to be women and that some cannot afford feminine hygiene products. However, it could also be argued that nobody chooses to be born therefore everything should be provided for us; food, clothing, shelter, education - the works. In first world countries many necessities are paid for using tax money, so in these countries it could make sense that tax also fund tampons and pads. However, in third world countries where not even food or water is funded, it would make minimal sense to fund feminine hygiene products.

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