• Well, yeah I guess

    It should be a right for everyone who feels strongly about their country. It just annoys me when girls expect people to treat them like princesses and Goddesses, yet moan when they are portrayed or considered a 'princess'. Gosh, if men are so weak and selfish in your eyes as a general opinion, go out to war and get a taste of what a lot of them have to cope with.

  • We are the Champions

    Whoever thinks other wise is sexist. Girls can do any thing that men can do if not better. I need to fill the space so h j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j jj j

  • They can if it is in there own decision

    Woman should be able to join the Military.If they are shown matching the strengths and skills just like any other man,then they should be able to serve.Military should be a equal job opportunity for both men,and women.Just like firefighting it doesn't matter,if your a man or female,if you reach the requirements needed for the job,then you have a good chance of getting the job.

  • Go ahead, I won't join them but whatever.

    Is there any reason why they shouldn't? If they are so eager to risk their lives and get mental issues like PTSD, then return only to end up being largely ignored by those that originally romanticized your job or end up homeless, then have fun.
    I don't think it is a smart decision, but who am I to stop them?

  • Absolutely they are

    Women are strong and intelligent enough to do so. Why are men only aloud serve our country? Benefits to having women on the force: 1. They can be placed in small narrow places that a man can't fit in. 2. They are light. And 3. They can set an example to other people to join the Military. So, any men think that girls can't do these things well... They are WRONG!

  • No because they don't want to

    When women say they want equality we say ok but you must sign up for selective service and then all of a sudden misogyny blah blah crying because most women are scared to take on the responsibilites of men. And these responsibilities are different for a reason which is that biologically men and women are different and there is nothing wrong with that.

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