Should women be able to play on professional football teams?

  • We are as able to play as well as the males do,if not,then better

    You may say that men are stronger and have more speed than women,but really...Look at the skill they have! Anyone who states that women should not allowed to play on male professional football teams are completely bias. I am a 12 year old female,and I play for the channel islands football team,and we have thrashed male collages many times.We are just as able to play like the boys do,if not,than better.

  • If They Qualify

    I believe women should be able to play on professional football teams. With that said, I think the women that would qualify for such a position would be few and far between. I think they should meet the same standards that the men do and be able to perform just as well, if not better. After all, they'd have to make it through the draft and prove their worth.

  • If the team wants

    If a team wants women on their football teams then they should be allowed to have them. If women can play football on a football team, and the team wants them to be there, then women should definitely be allowed to play - why would they be arbitrarily barred from doing so?

  • Only If They Meet Same Physical Criteria

    If a woman wants to play on an NFL team, let her try out for a team just like anyone else can. If she can meet the same physical criteria and plays a position better than every other man who tried out, let her play in real-game situations. Nothing stops women from playing pro football.

  • Women should be able to play on professional football teams.

    Women should be able to play on professional football teams. Women have already shown that they can fight at the front of the line in combat in the military so we should only expect that they should be allowed to play on professional football teams. I think we should let them decide if they want to do this.

  • Women are equal!

    Women can do just as much as a guy can. We may no look strong but if u let us try then we might prove you wrong! Women are faster then men and we are built to take betting. Just look at us in bar fights we get right in there not like the men they just hint. We on the other hand pull hair, bite, kick, and beat the crap out of each other like there's no tomorrow.

  • Because other whys its sexist

    They are people to, why do we (guys) get to play all sport when girls only get to play some. Even if guys have a more strength then girls, the strongest girl is way stronger then the weakest boy, and some female athletes are better then guys, so let them play

  • Sure, why not?

    I think if a woman illustrates that she can keep up with the men, why not? If she can get the strength required for her position, then sure. There are some women who have higher testosterone and sometimes, they end up with the ability to have more strength than the average female. Women are also known to be fast runners. So I think if she can handle the stress of having some guy tackle her, why not?

  • It could lead to problems

    This is a question that will probably be debated for a long as sports exist; however, I say no, women should not be allowed to play on professional football teams. Men tend to be a bit more competitve then women, and take the game very seriously. It will cause drama within the sport if a man were to completely level a woman on the field.

  • Interestingly, I had this conversation yesterday.

    Let me preface by saying that I'm not implying women are an inferior gender, but no, I do not believe women should play in the same professional sports leagues as men. This is why women have their own leagues. Men are faster and stronger than women. Men's bodies are built for this kind of competitiveness. Women's bodies are not. It's not that I think women wouldn't cut it in sports from a chauvinist standpoint. I don't think that way at all. My only reason for saying no is that women are not anatomically equipped to engage in sports with men, especially contact sports that require speed and power, like football.

  • Men are better at sports

    I think men are more stronger therefore better at sports. Women should not be able to play on professional foorball teams because football is too rough for them. Women will get hurt easier and they can't be as fast or swift and buff as a man. So overall, women should not be able no play on team.

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dvande28 says2014-01-14T18:10:06.803
I do not believe there is currently a rule in place prohibiting women from playing professional football.