Should women be acknowledged for the work they do?

  • Yes I do believe that woman should be acknowledged and respected for the work they do.

    Women have been doing a lot of good work for people in the past, present, and hopefully the future. Lots of things have been done by women such as cleaning, sandwich making, and washing!(JK) But seriously guys let's try to show both men and women the respect they should have from us because of their work. Thank you for hearing me out and God bless you all.

  • Knowledge for work help potentials in person.

    I think not just women but everyone should be acknowledged for the work that they do. It would increase a persons potentials. If the workers are fully aware of what they are doing then they keep in mind their safety, the employers benefits and self improvement such a promotion or becoming a expert in a specific field.

  • Yes they should!

    Gay or straight, women in general should be acknowledged for their work! Society only give men the credit just because most of them are biologically stronger. Society only cares for strength not skill. It is worse for women when they have a child. Women need to be credited more often.

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