Should women be allowed the same opportunities in sports as men?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • There's this thing called "equality"

    The reason some of these people (I'm assuming males.) think that less people want to watch women's sports is because everyone overwhelmed with men's sports. You see very few people on TV talking about Brittney Griner. But just 15 minutes ago it was all about Lebron James. In the sports world there are less opportunities for women. This is wrong. It's completely out of a women's control. It is very similar to discriminating against one's race in sports. As a female athlete this I am outraged that this needs to be a topic of debate. It should simply be common sense.

  • Yes, makes for great TV

    Imagine this...The lingerie womens football super team...Lining up against the American football allstars!

    Whooo! Boy that would be a thrashing and a half.

    To be honest, you need to separate women from men because women are inferior physically.

    It's a sexist claim, backed by fact.

    Women suck!

    Who would want to watch a game of football where you have to have a certain amount of players who are female?

    Can you imagine the frustration of watching a female wide receiver dropping the ball every damn time!

    It would ruin the sporting industry... And have economic disadvantages.

    The very idea of it is idiotic.

  • If She is Equally Good and Capable, There is Only One Solution

    If a woman excels at sports, despite the fact she is considered inferior at them, she should be allowed the same opportunity as a man who is equally as good. Anyways, if there was a woman on a football team, seriously men would want to watch it. They would waiting eagerly for her to do something dumb.

  • Title IX is fair

    If you get involved in travel sports for girls you will be impressed. My sister plays on a big time travel softball team and from what I see they work really hard to get a college scholarship. These girls play year round to get a college scholarship. To me it isn't fair that boys get everything better. Women should have equal opportunities in sports.

  • Yes we can

    Women are just as important as men. They are almost as good at sports, but they have a right to play with them.Women are just as good so they should be included with the men in particular sports. I have seen women play against men but why not play together. We should all be equals!

  • "All men are created equal."

    Our own government states that "all men are created equal." And I don't mean all members of the male gender are equal. I mean that ALL Americans and human beings are equal, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or social status. Women have excelled in sports in so many ways and should not be held back to live to their full potential simply because they are female. One word: equality.

  • It should be their choice.

    If they do in fact want to participate, why should you tell them no? It's their choice, they should be able to participate in football, baseball, etc. If they want to. I know the whole argument and how women are physically inferior. They really aren't. Women can actually deal with pain a lot more than men can, and women can be strong as if not more so than a man.

  • Yes they should

    Just because half the population is slightly genetically different doesnt mean we should deny them opportunities. Women athletes get paid close to nothing compared to men. They don't get as many scholarships and their games are hardly on TV. Also they can't play certian sports, such as football, and sports like lacrosse and hockey have rediculous no contact rules when men can have as much contact as they want.

  • Yes they should

    They are entitled to beacuse they are humans just like us men, and we are trying to make gender rights equal in this current world we live in. Women sports is also very interesting to watch. Especially beach volleyball if you know what i mean ;) go women <3! !

  • Girls should have same opportunities

    Yes because if the women is actually good and passionate abut the sport she should be able to play with even men. They should be willing to improve in order to match with the men. We are all equal so why can't we play sports equally. Women may be more short/ less muscular, but there are plenty of short athletes.

  • Women sports are simply of lower quality

    Women, as a whole are physically inferior to men. That's not sexism, it is fact. As a result of this, women sports tend to be less entertaining. Because they are less entertaining, less people want to watch them. Because revenue in sports is tied directly to how many people watch it, they should not be given the same salaries, scholarships, and TV exposure because their sports make less money than male sports.

  • Women can't be in the same locker room as men

    Since women can't be in the same locker room, where will they change into uniforms and shower after games. It can can also be sexual harassment if they get tackled in the chest or if a woman happens to walk into the locker room. It's inappropriate. Plus, women are equal but not the same

  • Men should not be forced to play differently because a girl joined the team. If she gets her butt kicked, her fault.

    Women should not be able to play on men's teams. Simple as that, why you might ask? Because so many sports that were once for men, are now being drowned in women. There is only one sport men can play in solitude, and thats good old American football. Women really need to back off and leave men alone about rights. Since 1919 Women have been complaining about rights and have been getting their way since then. Men could really use some space for once in a century. When men do one thing, women rant about wanting it too. For real. There are plenty of things men cant join in with women. WE know how to give space and leave certain things to our opposite sex. Cant women do the same thing? We are equal, but that doesnt mean we are the same. There are certain things women just shouldnt do. Invading men's activities IS NOT one of them.

  • There's this thing called "equality"

    There's this thing called "equality". Why should a inferior athlete get more attention, money, and opportunities? Please look at the anatomy, and biology of a female and compare it to a male. It is very different, and men are just biologically more fit to do physical tasks. They are faster, stronger, and even have more nerve fibers in the brain that connect to the cerebellum. A lot more. So when you say women should get equal opportunity in sports, they do. It's not the mans fault that she just isn't meant for it. Think about why men aren't allowed to be on female teams? That's right, because men would dominate. ONE REAL WORLD EXAMPLE. There was a boy named Keeling Pilaro in New York that got kicked off a field hockey team for being too good. Yes for being TOO GOOD. He was much smaller then the females, and yet he was better. He had been playing the sport since a young age, and I repeat, he got kicked off because the females could not compete with him. WHERE IS THE EQUALITY?! And I clearly remember one girl getting all sorts of publicity for being on a boys football team, I do not remember the girls names, but that's besides the point. Lastly, compare male world records to female world records. Notice something? Yea, males would obliterate them. So again I ask you the question about equality. If you want it so bad, then stop whining and compete, if you can't be the best, then shut it down. It's a sport for a reason.

  • This just in: Boys like sports.

    Women do not play sports as often as men. (This is not to say that they exercise less). Fewer people regularly watch women's sports than men's sports. Most people find men's sports more entertaining than women's sports. (excluding the olympics) Therefore, women should not be allowed the same opportunities in sports as men. The entertainment value generated by women's sports is simply not equal to that generated by men's sports. Women are free to join women's sports teams. They are free to campaign to make women's sports as popular as men's sports. If they can achieve this, they will have the same opportunities as men, but until then, it would be wrong to promote an artificial equality where none exists.

  • The person best qualified for a sport should have that role.

    A person should be chosen to play based on their ability to play, not their gender. These means the opportunities for women to play a sport may be less with they aren't as qualified, and that's okay.

    For a woman to play football on teams with strong, 200 lb men, that woman has to meet the standard.

    A sports team shouldn't have to hire women because they are women, but because they are qualified. If the woman isn't quality, they will have no opportunity in that team, and that's not entirely bad.

    If you want an opportunity, you have to quality.

  • That's not how sports work

    It's all well and good to demand the same opportunities, but they simply don't exist.
    Women sports are not as popular, that's simply a fact, because it's intrisincally less entertaining and impressive to the general public. Therefore, professional athletes will never have the same opportunities on a saturated and less popular market.

    Asking for the exact same opportunities just for the sake of it is simply not realistic and frankly hypocritical.

  • Missing the point

    I think we've drifted from the subject. I believe that women should have equal opportunities, but, they should not have the same salaries as previously discussed (less attractive, entertaining prowess within sports). As it is a fact that women's sports are less attractive, thus less marketable. They shouldn't have salaries.

  • No they shouldn't

    Women sports are simply of lower quality Women, as a whole are physically inferior to men. That's not sexism, it is fact. As a result of this, women sports tend to be less entertaining. Because they are less entertaining, less people want to watch them. Because revenue in sports is tied directly to how many people watch it, they should not be given the same salaries, scholarships, and TV exposure because their sports make less money than male sports.

  • I don't understand

    Everyone is chanting, specially you Matt Ellison, you say there's a woman and a men league your right. But you saying it's men and woman don't play mixed? That's like saying singing is for a certain gender. Yeah woman usually sing high notes and men usually sing low notes so I guess now that means that they can't write a song together. Like it makes no sense! If women want a chance to play let em' play. And you say that its not sexism? Okay everything that's noted as girly that boys can't do is now sexism but that isn't? And whoever wrote Missing the point.. YOUR missing the point. Woman can model right? So there probably more attractive when they do that right? More then men would if they model? Women get more money for that right? Wrong. That doesn't happen. So can someone tell me WHY on earth you would think that. My gosh.

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