Should women be allowed to be topless in public like men?

Asked by: Ncon
  • Women can do anything men can do!

    Women can do ANYTHING men can do! Men cannot do everything that women can. Women are the ones in power & their beauty & sexuality confirm it! Many men are intimidated by powerful women. Women are proven better leaders, higher educated, better muti taskers, better managers, better drivers (it is true). Women control relationships. I can go on & on...,, The world is changing. Soon women will be making the majority of the laws. Women will walk around topless and men will be wearing tops. Women were put on the earth last & everything before her (including men) is to serve her. Women's laws should govern men, not the other way around; women know what's better for us. The world will cease to exsist without her. I am proud to obey the superior gender!

  • I don't see why not.

    Men go topless all the time and people don't even care. In my opinion, it it stupid for reproductive organs to be considered private at all, but that's just me. Why do women have to cover up their breasts if men to not? It's just extra fat.
    Those of you who say it's "gross" are incorrect. Ask yourself: "Is it gross to see a man walk around shirtless?" I do not think it is. So why is it gross to see boobs?

  • Same topic from years ago in the US.

    It's ridiculous. It was only in recent US history that males were legally allowed to go around topless in public. 1930s/1940s, even! Showing male nips in public was very risqué just as showing female nips today is very risqué. Those who say women should not go around topless because they will be more likely to receive unwanted male attention should remember members of both genders still ogle each other's sexual bits regardless of whether they are covered or not. The people saying that a female should not be allowed to go topless using arguments relating to rape should remember that rape still occurs in areas of the world where females must be covered from head to toe. I don't think it is a matter of wear.

    Even though it is socially acceptable for males to go around topless today, the male breast is still very sexually appealing. I don't think allowing females to go around topless in public will change the fact that some will view the female breast in a sexual way.

    If a woman wants to take her shirt off one day because the weather is hotter than usual and her shirt is sticking to her body in an uncomfortable way, I say let her. If she wants to take her shirt off because she just likes the way it feels, whatever man. Just give people the right to choose for themselves. If you don't feel comfortable about a woman's exposed nipple, simply turn away.

  • Why is there a double standard?

    I've seen men being shirtless and the public doesn't even bat an eye. If a woman is topless, then the public freaks out. If women have to be conservative for the sake of the public eye, then that's probably sexist. I've heard that this can provoke rape, but it's the guy's fault for not controlling his hormones in the first place.

  • They are lumps of fat with red nipples on them. Who cares?

    The only reason you can give that it's harmful is that it's tradition to have a top on.
    Breasts are literally just fat lumps hanging off a woman's body. They have no inherent real sexual value either. People find it indecent because they have been raised to believe that.
    Let's not be too conservative now.

  • Primitive cultural standards have no place in the 21st century

    There is nothing inherently wrong or immoral about the human body. This "morality" conservatives espouse is not based on rational discourse or philosophical arguments, but evolutionary tendencies that we have to be "ashamed" of certain body parts. This should not be happening in the 21st century. There is nothing wrong with nudity. There is nothing wrong with sex.

  • Why can't everyone be equal.

    Many countries find if fine and so do I, I don't understand why a women should suppress her body and not be able to go shirtless. Why don't men have to cover up and women do. Frankly I see no difference between men and women . I mean seriously why can't we all grow up and be okay with being equal!

  • Those against this have probably never been to Europe.

    Visit France, Spain, Greece, and many others, you'll see how they got over this issue decades ago. The mere fact that so many in the Americas are still not over this is pretty perplexing to them. All the cleavage, side-boob, under-boob, you want but god forbid a nipple! It's utter lunacy i you really stop and think about it.

  • This is a perfect example of inequality in modern society.

    Many people say "I think you're overreacting, men and women are basically equal. So what if girls can't show their breasts?" It isn't a matter of personal opinion on whether you think women should or should not, it's the fact that for women it's not socially acceptable. I mean I personally would not walk around topless in public, but that's my personal choice. I mean honestly, what? Does a boob offend you? I mean, just because there is a little extra fat in the chest area doesn't make it wrong. I mean I'm looking at the opposing argument on the other side and people are saying "a woman needs a bra for support." No she doesn't. Let me tell you, I feel fantastic when I don't have a bra on. It's like the biggest relief in the entire world.

    And anyway, last time I checked, men had nipples too. Just because men's chest area is a little flatter and they don't produce milk doesn't mean that for that reason they can walk around shirtless and girls cannot.

  • If they want to

    Not that I think it would be a good idea to do it myself, but the shame of exposing 'private parts' drilled into many societies is somewhat silly. It's not even a case of 'men can be topless', rather it's that there isn't a serious reason why women shouldn't be allowed to.

  • Not even worth to be asked

    No of course not. Women have more dignity than to go and run around topless. It's disgusting. Even in some religions, middle and high school girls aren't even allowed to change in front of others,so how would they even be able to go around topless? I think its ridiculous because a woman's breast needs support of a bra too .

  • Temptiong idea, but no

    It's considered nudity, cmon now, this is common sense. Though i wouldn't mind and i know big beauty magazines and glamorous media would jump on this idea like a hungry snake on a rabbit, because how women dress, this would be a next logical step. Some things should be considered nudity. Thought women crave for self a steam so much that they will vote NO on this but inside they will say yes, younger women though would say yes, older middle age women and older would say no

  • Decency and Convention

    What is viewed to be decent, or indeed indecent, is determined by cultural convention. In Victorian times, it would have been deemed indecent for a woman to expose her thighs in public whereas in many Arab countries a woman is indecent if she exposes her arms to public view. Conversely, in some primitive cultures, full nudity is accepted. Modern western culture accepts near nudity in public with such as swimwear, but draws the line at parts of the body which are perceived as sexual and, in our culture, that includes the female breast.

    So no, toplessness should not be allowed.

  • Not in most places in the United States because it is against the law.

    On the other hand, if you are female and want to go topless in public, you could go to beaches in France or Spain on the Mediterranean. There are also a few nude beaches in remote parts of Hawaii. Whether or not women should be allowed to go topless is really up to local culture. There are some places that it might be very inappropriate, or very dangerous to women. Would it be appropriate for mothers to be topless while picking up their children from school or going to a parent-teacher conference? Would a young woman place herself at risk by going topless in the south side of Chicago?

    Posted by: cs2
  • Other than little stupid little things, women and men are equal, and if you believe otherwise you are the one causing it.

    At the point women could walk around topless will be the same time women become the centre of attention of men ( and the subject of their actions). Private parts are private for a reason and if you really can't help but be jealous by a man yet again for no reason, then I vote men should be told to wear a shirt.

  • Unless it's at a beach, NO!

    Breasts are not just another body part like your leg or arm. If they were, pictures of topless women would not be considered "NSFW", nor would movie ratings indicate scenes of NUDITY when the only nudity on it is breasts. Breasts are still a very sexual image in out society and trying to push public toplessness as normal won't suddenly make it normal. I'm sure many of those supporting the movement are men who just want to see breasts because they turn them on, and they're therefore biased.

  • Science behind why women's breast are different

    Opponents of Toplessness include [http://www.Gobrainless.Org/ Go Brainless], which documents the exploitation of women, arguing that exposing the uniquely enlargable areola of women can inaccurately convey specific sexual attraction, and increase the abuse of women who may be in a hormonally vulnerable state. Sexual abuse is worse where female toplessness is practiced

  • Women going topless is an outrage

    The female body is sacred and should only be seen by a lover or a husband. It has been this way for years and should continue to be this way. The fact that we are comparing men's and women's bodies does not make sense because they are completely different. There are many other ways to so equality between men and women, going topless is not one of them.

  • I believe in equality but you can not treat two different bodies like the same thing.

    I have a friend and we have discussed this repeatedly, her arguments are always that breasts are not sexual objects and that society should be ready to accept that. I disagree with her because breasts are, in a way, sexual. First of all, today many woman try to make their breasts appear bigger, there is even surgery to do this. From an evolutionary standpoint breasts are sexual, when a girl goes through puberty her body starts to mature and her breasts get larger, prehuman saw this as fertility and then induced reproduction. Anyway, if the argument stands that if it is not a sexual organ then it should not be covered up that entails that a person should be allowed to show their butt in public and I'm certain no one wants to see that, either guy or girl. My friend's statement on that "society should be able to accept that" is also completely false, women are raped, sexually assaulted and are not treated fairly, walking around shirtless would not fix this and only induce rape and sexual assault. As a concluding statement I would like to say that I believe that women should have all the rights as men do, but this is and should still be considered nudity and I find it peculiar that this is even a fight. These are two different bodies, don't treat them like the same thing.

  • Women's Bodies ARE Different, and We Should Be Proud

    First off, yes I'm a woman.
    Now, let's be the smart women we are and look at this on a baser level. Evolutionarily speaking, a woman's breaks are an instinctual trigger to men that we are matured, and sexually ready to produce offspring. It tells their brain 'okay, well that woman is ready to breed with.' Even if that sounds like I'm supporting the 'rape culture,' I'm not. I mean this in a legitimate way. The same way wife hips signal to a man's brain that we are sexually mature.
    So flaunting them about isn't something to be ashamed of, so much as proud of in a sense that even fully clothed, we are naturally different there.
    Next, can a man's breasts support/sustain human life? No? Odd, because mine can. No stupid arguments about the somewhat rare occurring of male lactation, because even that wouldn't support an infant for a year. My breasts will grow and swell for my child so that I can feed him through not even trying. The male body cannot do this.
    Now if we're playing the whole 'Women's Bodies Are Oversexualized' card, just stop. We choose that firstly, and secondly so are men's. No one cares though that women drool and flip out about a fit and ripped man, but if a man stares at my breasts a moment too long, he's objectifying me? Objectification of the female body is this: That woman will get this job because she's the right measurements - not 'that woman's body is sexually appealing, and I wanna hit that NOW.' It's when a man acts on these impulses.
    I'm all for equality, I truly am, but there are some things are scientifically, instinctually and evolutionarily different between the sexes, and we should accept that and be proud of it. I'm proud to be the softer sex, that also can whoop guys' ass in the gym. I'm proud to be able to produce and sustain life, when all a man does is get off for 20 seconds. I'm proud that my husband's eyes stay on my body for just a moment longer when I leave a room because I workout, am healthy and am a fertile woman to him. I'm proud to be a woman, and not showing my nipples is no degradation of my pride, independence nor equality.

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