• My baby. My body. My choice.

    Like it or not those things most of you like seeing in porn are meant to feed a baby. You should not be disgusted in my decision to breast feed my baby wherever I please, but rather be disgusted in the fact that you enjoy watching things that were meant to feed a baby.

  • The very fact that people cannot accept breastfeeding frightens me.

    There are so many deep seeded problems with this issue that go far beyond a yes or no. First off, the inherent tendency in western culture to oversexualize female breasts. I say female specifically because male breasts are not privy to this same treatment in western culture. Here's the thing, we have been taught from birth to sexualize breasts and think of them as something that are only exposed when an event of a sexual nature is in proximity. Why? Well that goes far, far, far before any of us were born. Our parents were taught this, and were taught this by their parents and their's before them. It's a visxioys and unending cycle of perpetual breast shaming that does not really have a valid explanation rooted in plain logic. Female breasts are not sexualized because they look sexy, they are sexualized because we are told to sexualize them. Who tells us to do this? Men. Men are I'm control of the media, many households, and the western world in general, so it makes sense that they would take anything they enjoyed and assign value to it for generations to come to assimilate the same value. How this value camcame about in the first place is anybody's guess. Sgusecond, even if we could trace the evolutionary hiccup in our culture that tells us to sexualize the female bosom, who cares? Whatever people began this are dead. Why does their mistake have to continue? What legacy did they leave? Not much of one, anyway. Today we live in a world where people can't rely on their own logic and are forced to fall back on what they were told. Female breasts are only considered vulgar in public because we are TOLD they are, not because they ARE. So are they vulgar for any solid logical or scientific reason other than your pants feel a little too tight? Or are you just operating on a broken social folkway that should have been quashed decades ago?

  • Breasts are not sex organs

    The primary function of the breast is to feed children, and the fact that in our current society we make that act is sexual is just terrible. There isn't anything inherently sexual about boobs, we just make them seem sexual. While they are erogenous zones(so is the neck and inner thighs) they aren't sex organs, and we shouldn't have laws to cover them up at all.

  • Is this really a question???!!

    Of course women should be allowed to breastfeed. Hello! Breast is best and formula is poison. If you think you know otherwise do some research! And before you go jumping on the not all women can breastfeed saga it is less than 5 percent that can not actually nurse. The rest claiming this are just to lazy, to selfish, or need more support. And as for this constant bs idea that breastfeeding is the same as peeing or sex in public, talk to me when that sustains life.

  • I don't eat with a blanket on my head and neither should a baby

    Really at the end of the day, I just can't be bothered with the delicate sensibilities of lack-wits who don't understand this has nothing more to it than feeding a hungry baby in a totally normal way.
    And since eating in the bathroom is no big deal, how about the candy asses who are intimidated by a nursing baby take their meals in there and stop fussing?

  • Breastfeeding has been around since the begging... And we have grown to accepted gays (Most of us). So why are we hiding something so natural?

    As a mother, you have the right to feed your child whenever or wherever the need arrises, and not have people stare at you like you're doing something wrong or disgusting. You cannot be discriminated against for breastfeeding a child in public, up to the age of 26 weeks. This is a law under the Equality Act which applies throughout the UK.(2) It is medically advised and encouraged to breastfeed your child because it is natures way to give your child the nutritions to grow.

  • Breastfeeding in public, Cover yourself we do not need to see that.

    I am a mom of 5 kids and i was lucky to be able to breast feed my children. I do not agree, With mom's that do not want to cover up. Children, Or young adults, Or men do not need to see your breast ladies, . Just cover up and no one needs to know you are breastfeeding you do not need to make a huge deal out of it and show your boob, What do you want a medal or something because you are feeding your baby. Yes women have been doing that for years, But they have always covered themselves.

  • The simple facts.

    Both a man and a woman's chests can be seen in a sexual context. If anything, it is more likely that a male's chest has the natural purpose of attracting a mate as it has no other function, unlike a woman's breasts which have the purpose of feeding their children.
    It is only that we live in a patriarchal society that a woman's chest is far more sexualised than a man's. Unlike men, women are forced into only showing their chest when deemed acceptable by society, (for example on page 3 of a newspaper that can be bought from any shop at any time by anyone). Women's bodies are treated as though they have the sole purpose of pleasing men, which somehow gives men the right to control what we do with them?...
    The thing is, there is no debate as to whether men should keep their tops on in summer as it's 'gross', 'disrespectful' or 'inappropriate', as that would be ridiculous! When actually, they are topless as to only satisfy themselves - unlike women who have a reason, to feed their child!
    Should a woman really have to seclude herself in order to breast feed? Just because we have built up such sexual, unnecessary sexual connotations towards breasts?
    To anyone that suggests that such an act is attention seeking is just ridiculous. I would not want to expose my breasts to anyone, I have not yet had any children. However, if my child needed feeding I would provide the best I could give, regardless of the fact that someone might glance up and be disgusted by the sight (even though all they would probably be able to see is as much as if i was wearing a low cut top given that my baby's head is in the way).

  • Women should be able to breastfeed in public.

    I agree that women should be able to breastfeed in public. It is horrendous that most of the ones saying no are men. NO it is NOT indecent exposure. We don't just whip our breast out for all to see. We are covered. The nipples are covered. It's the same as a woman on the beach wearing a bikini. Her breasts are out BUT the nipples are covered. Get a grip! If your wife was breastfeeding your child and you were in public with nowhere to "hide", Would you make your child starve? Grow up! It is a natural part of life. If you can handle porn then you should be able to handle breastfeeding in public.

  • Cry about it

    The simple fact is, A baby needs to be fed. When I go to a restaurant, I'm not paying attention to the other guests there. We're talking about a woman sitting down and quietly feeding her baby. Her intent is not to disrespect or repulse, Such as the argument of having your penis out, Or urinating, Or having sex. Her intent is to quietly feed a child. Why should you even be paying attention to other people in a restaurant? Focus on yourself and your table.

  • It's just disgusting

    Wouldn't it disturb customers to restaurants? Use some empathy women, would you like it if you buy some coffee just to find a women breast feeding her child? It is revolting while I'm drinking. It is disturbing, there's no difference walking around with my penis dangling to a woman walking with their breasts exposed and also dangling. There is a place and time for everything which is why there is something called a feeding centre or whatever. Women have got their rights but they are still protesting for stuff like this? Be grateful that you can vote for a few hundred years ago you couldn't answer back to a man. Let's say it's legal or illegal, I have never seen one woman in a public place ever nurse her kid in my life!

  • No.

    I agree that breastfeeding is natural, however it is indecent exposure. A woman walking around with an exposed chest is not something parents want their children to be exposed to, placing a baby in the equation does not change the fact that the woman is still exposing herself to the public.

  • Plenty of things are "NATURAL"

    Actually sex is natural too doesn't mean we do it in public...It's natural, but so is Urinating, Defecation, Sex, and Nudity. Discretion should be used, whats the big deal about carrying around a breastfeeding blanket to cover her breast. Natural or not...Everyone doesn't want to see that. I think any woman that is agreeing clearly is a mother, that breastfeeds in public.

  • No consideration for others.

    Breastfeeding itself isn't a taboo, it's the time and the place. Why should everyone else be made to feel uncomfortable just because the mother can't be bothered to go to a discreet place and breastfeed. Comparing breastfeeding in the toilet to having to eat in there is just silly. The two aren't comparable; it's an elementary argument at the best!

  • If they do breast feed cover up. I don't want to see you breast

    Cover it up. I just don't want to see someone breast when I'm eating. I don't want my son seeing that. That is personal between a mother and baby . Lack of respect for yourself and other. So I have to feel uncomfortable cause they have to pop it out

  • Just the thought makes me want to vomit.

    To me, public breast feeding is as disgusting as someone smacking their lips while chowing down on a greasy meal and dripping all over themselves. Sorry if you don't like it, but you should be considerate of others. The cover does help some, but I still know about it and my stomach churns. Lots of things are natural to do (as someone else already mentioned, sex, urination, and defecation), but that doesn't mean it's okay to do in public apart from a designated area. Why? Because it affects others. Seriously, stop being so pretentious. I don't have to accept it, it's not discriminatory, and it's just plain rude to think it doesn't affect everyone else in the restaurant/every other public place you're doing this.

  • It is offensive

    It is offensive because it gives sexual pleasure, which is nature's way of helping to shrink the uterus to normal size. I don't have any desire to see a woman proudly exposing her engorged breasts just because she happens to think they look good, and sexually pleasuring herself in public using the excuse that the baby has to be fed. Why not pump and fill a few bottles of breast milk before going out in public? Having the support of other exhibitionists doesn't give license to exposing one's erogenous zones to the public.

  • Mothers are the most selfish and self centered jerks

    Echoing the sentiments of many others here... It is only a mother that will fight for the right to nurse in public. No one else cares if your baby eats or does much of anything. Why? Because it isn't ours. The thing you mothers need to understand is that just because you had a kid does not, in any way, make you special. You do not deserve special rights or treatment. Your child isn't special. You're just another mouth breather taking up space and by flipping out your breasts for all to see, you're subconsciously begging everyone to look at you and your child by making a spectacle of yourselves. There is absolutely no reason why you can't cover up or pump apart from the fact that you're simply being difficult and self centered. Breasts are sexualized and if there wasn't a baby attached you would be arrested for exposure. So cover up and stop being rude to those of us that have the good sense to be modest. If you can't, then stay home. No one wants to see your ugly kid anyway.

  • It's natural, but so is Urinating, Defecation, Sex, and Nudity.

    It's indecent and repulsive to some. It's very disrespectful to everyone else who has to see it. Where do you draw the line? Babies need feeding often. Well, some people can't hold their bowls for two hours so are they allowed to just pee wherever they like? No it doesn't work like that. There is a time and place for it.

  • We need to control the people with kids

    They get too much things and rights, they want to have a pram parking, a play ground in every major mall, their baby buggy /pram is over size and block the way, their toddlers run around in the library, child screaming on bus , train , air plane
    if you let them breast feed in public, next thing they want is to have the rights to make baby in the pulic

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sensual9932 says2019-02-09T05:15:34.343
Yes, Women should be able to breastfeed in public- but can you please be descrete?

What many people don't want to admit or acknowledge is that, For a very large percentage of people in the world, Breasts are also used for sexual arousal and assist in reaching orgasm. For MANY women, It's a turn on to have their breasts fondled and sucked while having sex. This is nothing new. People keep trying to blame things on "today's society" or "in Western society". . . Bologna. Breasts have been part of sex and sexual pleasure and even masturbation for centuries, If not always. Like it or not- it's a fact. For many women, Just playing with their nipples gets them hot and bothered. Another good example is the vagina. The vagina is meant to birth babies. . . But it also contributes to orgasms- breasts are no different. Yes, Yes, Yes. . . We all know they feed babies! We also know they'll help you reach "that peak" while having sex.

I am a nurse for a doctor's office. Today I opened the lobby door to call a patient back when all of the sudden I see titty. . . An ENTIRE white titty with EXTRA DARK areolas AND a nipple the size of a JOLLY RANCHER just hanging out of her shirt- the ENTIRE boob. It was wet and shiny from her baby's saliva mixed with her breast milk. . . The sight couldn't be avoided. And there were a couple of teenage boys staring at her as her wet nipple slipped from her baby's lips when she stood up. Look, I breast fed all 3 of my kids and my daughter breast fed hers. . . But can you please be discrete with it? Would you pump your breasts in the middle of a mall? Or how about sitting in your child's classroom during Parent/Teacher Conference Night while your using a double pimp to pump both breasts at once in front of everyone? Oh- that's somehow different right?

I understand breast feeding is natural, But "technically" being nude is also natural but when a man's ding-a-ling is seen freely slinging about then it's called indecent exposure. Cover your sh@$ up please.

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