Should women be allowed to breastfeed in public without shame from others?

Asked by: anthonyluvsband
  • Breastfeeding is perfectly natural.

    Women should not be shamed for feeding their baby. Men go around without shirts all the time for no reason at all but when a woman pops out her breast to feed her baby it's inappropriate. I think it's inappropriate to body shame women for feeding their babies. Ane it's LEGAL

  • Yes they should!

    Women should be able to breast feed their child in public without being shammed. Women go through a natural process just like men yet they are shammed for what they have to do if a child is hungry a mother is not just going to sit there and let it starve I think that it is extremely rude for those of you who say it is extremely gross that women have there boobs a little out to feed their children. Like I bet you wouldn't mind if a hot chick had her boobs hanging kind out of her shirt because that hot right but breastfeeding is natural and it should be shammed upon! Let women be free to do what is natural!

  • Yes yes yes

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  • A baby needs to eat and be loved.

    If breast feeding is bad, then why is it often the best thing for a woman and her baby? Why are so many babies healthier mentally and physically because their mother has the ability to nurture and feed her offspring? You don't see people getting grossed out when puppies or kittens nurse. Actually it strengthens the bond between mother and child. A baby needs closeness, a baby needs to be held and talked to and loved. You can hold your baby when you use a bottle yes, but I've never seen anything make a proper replacement for a parent that cares. I was breastfed, and I was raised to believe that a woman should be modest about her body and mind. But do you know how hard it is to be modest when so many people out there shame you for such a thing as breastfeeding your child, or your menstrual cycle? Women go through natural processes like men do, but we are shamed for them. Our ways of growing, maturing, and maintain our health are different than men's, and I'm willing to bet most of the people on the no side are men. Please, I beg you, respect a woman, and her decisions. And if it bothers you so much to see a mother who loves her child, then please go elsewhere and leave her alone. She doesn't need you poisoning her relationship with her child.

    Now I'm not saying women shouldn't be modest when breastfeeding their babies in a public setting. I myself would find it very embarrassing to breastfeed without a cover in public. But that, again, is a mother's choice. And if it's such a problem, then why are there no places provided to mothers with nursing infants-- who are in public places-- where they can go and feed their baby where they will not be shamed for having a child and wanting to care for it? If it were a problem, then we would've found a solution to it long ago. Actually I applaud mothers who can go to the store with their baby, take care of their baby, and still get their shopping and public business taken care of! Mom Power! And if modest were such a big issue with all you people, then why don't we endeavor to take down the adds that are sexual. Adds which any child can see in any mall or shopping center, or even just driving in the car with mom and dad. The very idea that you should tell a child that the lady over on the bench with the blanket over her shoulder and the nursing baby beneath it is a bad person is absurd. She's taking care of her child's needs, not committing a crime. And I have a question? Have you ever seen a woman arrested for nursing her baby in public? No? Then why are you shaming her when she is clearly doing nothing wrong?

  • The anti-breastfeeders should respect public decency and keep their shameful opinions to themselves.

    The era of dominating a women's mobility, attire and freedom's is long past. It is illegal to starve children. Radical ideas like "no breastfeeding in public" only serve to drive society to an evil place. Young children need to eat and mothers have things that need to be done. Anit-breastfeeders should go fight a more realistic cause, like lineups. Everyone hates lineups and they only slow people down. Go abolish lineups instead and leave the future of our society alone.

  • Seeing both sides

    Here's the deal, anti-breastfeeders. I get it. I don't have children and if I do have them I would prefer to do this privately- I grew up in a pretty conservative household. I think very few women want to breastfeed in public. But sometimes there isn't a choice. Sometimes a woman with a baby must leave her home. Sometimes babies get hungry. Breastfeeding must happen and sometimes going home isn't an option. Sitting in a car when it's 100 degrees outside isn't a reasonable option. So then what? What is the solution? I see many comments that say: 'not appropriate in public', 'a time and a place for that', and 'it makes people uncomfortable'. Well, your opinion is heard, so what is your solution? Screaming babies in public- no problem, right? You won't complain or confront a woman who is starving her baby and thusly causing a noisy scene, right? 'At least she's no breastfeeding' you'll say to yourself. But, I want to know what is the solution that you can offer up to this issue that makes you so terribly uncomfortable? To be honest, it weirdo me out a little bit, too. It's a body part that typically isn't exposed publicly, so I get it. But I also see that it's necessary and it isn't sexual. To imply anything sexual is occurring or to compare this to sexuality is absurd. Is it a little awkward, sure. Is it appropriate to confront, ridicule, scoff at, harass, or mistreat a woman who is breastfeeding? Never.

  • Why do we even question this topic?

    The fact that people are comparing breastfeeding and SEX is so crazy to me and blows my mind. How do you people think women fed their babies before bottles and formula was created? BREASTFEEDING! It is the natural way! The breast is MADE to feed your baby. People look at breasts so sexual now, women can walk around with their butt cheeks or breast hanging out, just because they want to be provocative and no one says anything to these woman. People are ridiculous

  • Providing and Nurturing

    I don't see what the problem is with a mother FEEDING her CHILD?! It's literally a woman providing food for a hungry child! Should she just let the baby starve? It's ridiculous, breastfeeding in public should not be frowned upon nor shamed. What a society we live in, wow. G

  • The very idea of prohibiting breastfeeding in public is rediculous

    Babies need to eat when they are hungry. They can't wait like older children or adults. Nobody forces you to look at a mother breastfeeding her baby. In the past mothers breastfed their babies in church during mass. The only people who profit from shaming breasts is the infant bottle formula industry.

  • The very idea of prohibiting breastfeeding in public is rediculous

    Babies need to eat when they are hungry. They can't wait like older children or adults. Nobody forces you to look at a mother breastfeeding her baby. In the past mothers breastfed their babies in church during mass. The only people who profit from shaming breasts is the infant bottle formula industry.

  • There's a time and place for that and it's not in public. Respect public decency

    Everyone should have an obligation to be considerate to others. It's quite unpleasant and unsightly to see breastfeeding so it shouldn't be done in public view. Also it breaks the laws of some countries risking prosecution under indecent exposure or public indecency. It's not fair on everyone else who passes by and makes them uncomfortable.

  • Go into the bathroom or a fitting room

    I may be a little confused, but I don't think a woman should do it in a restaurant, for example, in front of everybody. Not everybody likes to see boobs when they are eating. Go into a stall in the bathroom or, if in a dept. Store, ask to use a fitting room.

  • Bodily excretions…Enough said.

    I'd really rather not see anything involving bodily excretions in public. Urine, feces, snot, semen…yes, I include breastmilk in that group. "But it's a beautiful, bonding moment," people say. True, but so is sex, and I doubt anyone wants to see couples having sex on the tables in restaurants. Some things just don't belong in public.

  • To the person above

    Bathrooms are sooo DIRTY and FILTHY, women should not have to feed their babies in there. Why don't YOU go eat your dinner in there. I can understand a woman covering herself and the baby with a blanket over but going to a bathroom to feed them is absolutely ridiculous.

  • I don't think so.

    While it isn't anything wrong or unethical, i don't think it has a place in public. Sure, its natures way, but that doesn't mean young children should be seeing women breast feed their children. They could easily solve this problem by installing areas specifically created for this, but i don't wanna eat my chicken nuggets with a woman breast feeding behind me.

  • Because its euwww

    No one wants to see your tatas.. Why are u even arguing on this. Just because your baby isnhungry does not mean u subject the entire world to disgust. We have small kids old people everyone around. Can u expose in front of your dads and uncles and brothers. Women get a life

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