Should women be allowed to choose an elective Caesarean section for convenience reasons?

  • Woman's Body, Woman's Baby

    A woman should choose how she wants to deliver her baby if she is otherwise having a healthy pregnancy. If she wants to have a Caesarian section for the sake of convenience, the mother can do so if the baby is perfectly healthy and well-developed in the womb. Sometimes a C-section is easier than having a vaginal birth, even though the recovery time is longer.

  • In a society that values freedom, women should be allowed to choose a C-section.

    If we wish to have as free a society as possible, it is necessary for government to step back as much as possible from making decisions for its citizens. Free societies require responsible decision making by their citizens. Responsibility is a learned skill. Skills are learned by trial, experimentation and then observing and experiencing the results by the student. An elective C-section might not be a good thing, but if women are to be free, they must make the decision themselves and experience the results themselves.

  • Women are in a better position to make choices about their bodies

    While some may not understand why women would want a Caesarean for convenience reasons, there is no reason to object to their use of the procedure for those goals. Provided that women who desire the convenience or the Caesarean are fully informed of the risks they are taking in the operation, there are no grounds to object to their decisions.

  • Research Shows it's Less Healthy

    Unless it's medically necessary it is healthier for the baby to be born vaginally. C Sections have been linked through numerous studies to increased rates of allergies, juvenile diabetes, respiratory problems and lower IQs in babies. Having the facts means we should stop allowing women to choose a more expensive, more risky delivery method that gives the child a disadvantage. Babies should be born naturally unless there are extenuating circumstances. And I'm sorry, but anxiety around giving birth is common because it's hard. Yet women all throughout history have done it and you will be stronger for it (except in emergency situations where c sections should absolutely happen).

  • No. Definately not!

    People playing God, living spoiled, convenient lives. Although this can become a complicated debate, leave it to nature. Everybody in the world knows babies come out of your vagina. Choice? There is no choice, it comes out the same way it went in and if you dont like it, dont get pregnant. Birth is a metaphore for life, a deeply bonding and chemically important journey, not a destination! Where does the baby fit into this and the 'yes' people's opinion of the mothers body so mothers choice? What about the facts regarding babies with higher rates of respiratory diorders following c-sections and other damning figures?

  • No, although this is becoming common.

    Women do choose Cesarean sections for convenience, such as if they have a full time job and must schedule the delivery to be at a certain time. It has turned out that in the United States, they're at an all-time high, mainly for the convenience of women and their doctors. About one in three births is now via C-section. The baby's health should be considered first, and sometimes women have c-sections early for convenience reasons, which isn't fair to the developing baby. If women really insist upon having them, then both woman and doctor really need to think about the baby's needs first.

  • No, They Shouldn't

    As a female that's had one child, I do not feel that a woman should be allowed to choose an elective Caesarean section for reasons of convenience. If a woman is inconvenienced by her pregnancy and birth then why would she be having a child in the first place. Parenting has nothing to do with convenience and birthing shouldn't either.

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