Should women be allowed to choose "voluntary premature delivery" after abortion is no longer a legal option?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • It's Still Her Body

    It is her body throughout the pregnancy and she should at no time be forced against her will to house and feed another human being if she does not want to. At the point the fetus can possibly survive on its own then abortion should be illegal but she should keep full control over her body and have the right to have a premature delivery performed on request after which the doctors try to save the life of the baby whom she may keep or put up for adoption.

  • Abortion should be legal, but there are limits.

    Abortion should be a service provided up to a certain point. However, once that point is reached then unless the health of the mother is in danger, there should be no abortions allowed. I'm sorry if you changed your mind after a certain point, but then you need to go with adoption.

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