• If They Chose To

    I believe if there are women in the service who are interested in fighting in combat and they can meet all of the same qualifications as their male counterparts, then by all means they should be allowed to go into combat zones. I think we should also respect the wishes of women who do not want to enter combat zones.

  • Yes, we are strong in our own way.

    Women are not just here to make babies and clean dishes. Sure its true that men are stronger but that does not mean that women are weak. We have a different body type that can be plenty strong. We love our country just as much as men so we should be allowed to fight for it.

  • Women should be allowed to fight in combat.

    Women should be allowed to fight in combat. They have already proved that they can fight in the front of the line alongside the men. I think that we need to start treating women as equal to the men. They have also proved that they can do any position that a man can do.

  • Yes. i believe women should be allowed to fight in combat.

    Yes. i believe women should be allowed to fight in combat, because there is no reason why they shouldn't. If a women wants to fight in combat she should be allowed to do so. America needs all the soldiers that we can get. Woman fighting in combat will boost numbers.

  • Yes they should.

    Women should be allowed to fight in combat. Women want to be treated equally, so this is just another thing that they should be allowed to do. If they want to fight in the front lines of combat, then they should be allowed to do so and not be discriminated against.

  • Yes woman should be allowed to fight in combat.

    Women should be allowed to fight in combat along with anything else they want to do. There is no gender specifics to combat and therefore if a woman wishes to do it she has every right to. It is all part of the gender equality they have been fighting for.

  • Yes, they should.

    There is no reason that women should not be allowed to fight in combat. The so-called weaker sex have proven themselves physically capable of the act. Also, women are known to be very good at strategy and considering multiple outcomes of a scenario and then acting quickly. That kind of ability to think on your feet is beneficial to combat.

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  • Yes. Women bring a lot to the table.

    Women bring a unique level of “social sensitivity”, the ability to read the emotions of other people. Social sensitivity is crucial skill for military professionals. Having a wider personnel base allows militaries to have the best and most diplomatic soldiers working to end conflict quickly, making the military MORE effective. The military culture should be changed so that that our soldiers are more inclusive and discipled. Women have so much to offer to our military and our country, so why should we let outdated sexism and tradition get in the way from tapping into our highest potential?

  • If they want

    To. There are already women serving in the military who I don't doubt are far more physically fit and emotionally tough than I will ever be. I do not think that the military should have weaker physical standards for women or accept women or men who may be better off not joining the military, just to fill a quota.

  • No, men can do it better.

    No, women should not be allowed to fight in combat, because there is no reason to think that women can do the job better. It is a fact that men are stronger than women. There is no need to tolerate higher casualties in war just so that we can say that women have had the same chance as men. Women can serve their country in other ways.

  • The bible says no.

    There is many verses in the holy bible that specifically say that women should not fight in wars. Such as Deuteronomy 22:5 which basically says that men should not wear women clothing and women should not wear the gear of a warrior. Therefore that would mean that women should not fight in the military.

  • Simple Reason Against

    The military cannot, and never will be, comparable to modern society. In the civilian life, failing to do your job doesn't result in the death of one or more fellow team members. In the military it does. IN the military more people than one are depending on you. The military hates one thing in combat scenarios. Variables. Women, unfortunately, introduce variables. The are different than men, both physically and physically. Variables mean somebody might not come home from a fight. So no, women should not be allowed to be in combat, not because I'm sexist, but because their choice involves lives and introduces variables, which is the reason they do NOT have that choice.

  • Not a single country or society can 'eliminate' gender in physical sports. What makes one think it can be done in combat?

    I'm an ex: Infantry, Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, MFF, Cbt Dvr, Jump Master (Ranger and Cbt Dvr schooled, not assigned to units).

    Yes, women can engage in combat, but history shows that only the PHYSICALLY strong consistently engage successfully. IT IS PHYSICAL!!!!

    If women in combat had been a good idea we would have been doing it for the last 5000+ years. We have not, and for very good reason. War is brutal and it comes down to simply brute strength a lot of times. After many days of fighting, sometimes it is not a matter of patriotism, courage, heart, desire, or any thing but brute strength just to survive and function. It is only the physical requirements that make men more suited to engage enemies in what is, with no reservations, a dirty, hard, and brutal endeavor.

    The reality is that combat is not a 'standard' it is a cold hard set of facts. If one actually researches history (and not watch "GI Jane" or other movies and video games based on pure fantasy), one will find that women in combat has never been practiced except as a last defensive effort for survival.

    If one researches (studies have been done) how many females in the military want to be in combat positions you will find that, with the exception of pilots, only a very small percentage want the “opportunity” to engage in direct combat. Females that have seen even a small part of what combat entails will gladly let the ‘brutes’ do it. However, you will find no shortage of women’s groups that have no idea of the physical demands of combat eagerly volunteer OTHER women for the opportunity to step forward.

    Think about this.... Why are sports gender divided? If the Olympics/Professional/College/High School Sports were not gender divided ALL sports (physical ones at least) would be TOTALLY
    dominated by men.

    ***** There is not a single society that can successfully eliminate gender in sports but we want to do it in combat.*****

    COMBAT !
    Where people die for lots of reasons, one of them being not physically able to compete against the enemy. So, perhaps if we could 'fix' the sport gender problem, then we could 'fix' the combat 'problem'. Perhaps we could require the Olympics/Professional/College/High School Sports to play a few teams of 30% women and see how they stack up against all male teams. And remember in sports there are rules to protect players....In combat there are no such rules !!! As I see it, we can either make men more physically like women...Or make women more physically like men. Not a particular good choice for either.

    The nation that requires it’s women to engage the enemy’s men in combat is a sorry excuse of a nation and will not long be a nation.

  • No, not until we can make it equal

    No one can say that women have not earned the right to serve in the military throughout our history. I believe that they have every right, however, that does not make them qualified to be combatant soldiers. While some women are the exception, it is not right to allow all of them in just yet. The fact is that there are physical and sociological differences that will cause battle units to be less effective. It is more important for our military to perform as well as it possibly can than it is to make sure everyone "feels welcome". I know it is important to have equal opportunity, but not until we can guarantee equal performance as well.

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