Should women be allowed to find the sex of the baby before its born?

Asked by: Archita
  • Planning is important

    In the world that we live in today, it is always better to know how things are going to turn out and plan accordingly rather than waiting for it till the last moment and then making sudden life changing decisions.
    A very basic example is painting the babies room BLUE or PINK after It's born can result in active paint fumes which are hazardous to health of an infant.

  • It is part of family planning

    Come on. If we will never let the women - mothers - know the gender of their baby, then what? First of all, they can plan what will be the name of the child. Second, they can be able to determine the money they should have just to support this babe, just like buying the things for the baby.

  • Its not anyone elses choice

    The mom should be able to decide if they want to know the sex of their kid........ And now i am going to typee some more so that the number of words will go down.... Anyways some people want it to be a suprise and it isnot anyone eles buisness

  • Allowed ? ? ?

    Is this really how you want to frame the question?

    Yea, women should be " allowed " to have access to their medical records.

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    Posted by: TBR
  • Yes I think so

    I think women have a choice,it's their choice! It's not like you're being forced to. I you don't want to, than don't it's that simple. Anyways, I would want to know, is it a boy or girl. It's hard to think of a name and prepare for everything, it's one of the most important moments in your life. What if you screwed up everything just because you didn't know what gender your baby was?

  • Yes they should

    It is up to the mother if they want to see the sex of the baby. This should be allowed because it will help them buy the right things for that's baby's sex. If they did not they could have a problem once the baby is born because they bought things for the wrong sex

  • Let it be a surprise!

    Nowadays, with the world advancing, there are hardly any surprises or anything else to look up to. We know what is going to happen sooner or later. Having a child is one of the greatest gifts in a mother's life. The gender of the baby is one of the rare surprises left in the world, so moms should cherish that moment of getting to know the gender at the time of birth.

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