Should women be allowed to have an abortion whenever they please (Yes) or only before the baby has brain function (during first trimester) (No)

Asked by: RachaelMiller
Should women be allowed to have an abortion whenever they please (Yes) or only before the baby has brain function (during first trimester) (No)
  • Abortion should always be an option

    I get where some of you are coming from but women should have a right to do whatever she please to her body. Techically, the fetus does not have a beating heart or brain function til after the first trimester. That was my question. I believe you should not have an abortion once the baby has brain function because that is killing a human but before it, it is just a fetus. It technically is just a ball of skin inside of you. Nobody should be forced to have a child, mostly when they are raped.

  • Yes, of course it should.

    Abortion is most definitely okay!!! A women should have a right to choose!!! What if your thirteen year old daughter was raped? Would you look into her eyes and tell her to carry that baby? If you would, i find that cruel and insensitive. Women should have their own right to choose!!!

  • Whatever happens in a woman's body is her business. To force a woman to give birth is just as bad as rape.

    There is no greater oppression than taking away a person's control over their own body. In addition, women will never have true equality or dignity without having the ability to determine where and how they will become pregnant. Forced birthers care only about the baby in these scenarios and not about the woman--her health, her wants for her life and her choices.

  • Goes against American Ideology

    American Freedom means the freedom to do whatever you want, as long as that activity does not hurt the freedom of others. When you abort a pregnancy, you have taken away every freedom to choose for all of his/her life.

    That child will never be born, will never grow up, will never have a childhood, will never have friends, will never have good times, will never go to school, will never fall in love, will never raise a family, will never grow old with the ones he/she loves, will never die at peace with himself.

    No one deserves to have this taken away from them.

  • I personally agree with abortion, but only if the child is not yet alive.

    Many pregnancies are unintentional, and it is not always the woman's fault for not taking precautions. Maybe the condom broke. Perhaps she was raped. AS long as the baby is not alive yet, I believe it should be the woman's choice whether or not she wants to keep the baby.

  • Abortion is a bad choice.

    1. Why punish the baby
    2.92 percent of abortions are purely elective
    3. Lifevshould be protected even in its earliest stages
    4. Even a one cell baby still has its OWN DNA, making it its OWN human
    5. Rapes are a half of a percent of US abortions
    This is not a matter of when. Abortion should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest, or when the mothers health is at risk

  • Abortion isn't ever a good decision

    Abortion is a silent killer , saying yes to abortion is no difference from saying yes to murder, its a beating heart!! Its life!! ,
    yes we could have an unplanned pregnancy
    raped ect! Caused by an accident but no life is an accident
    its not womans rights for why we should allow for this . What about the life shes holding why does that heart beat have no rights .

  • It is absolutely never ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DONT YOU DARE MAKE IT SEEM LIKE THERE IS EVER AN OK TIME TO TAKE A LIFE! This is not an issue of when, but if. It is absolutely not ok to murder an unborn baby regardless of your definition of life. "A life is a life, no matter how small." (Dr. Seuss)

  • They shouldn"t abort.

    Women should not abort because in the Christian aspect, the bible states that "thou shall not kill" so if you you abort thats removing someones life and that is wrong. Is it also wrong to abort in the Muslim aspect as well, the Qur'an says that "Slay not your children------- the killing of them is a great sin". And also life is sacred/holy, so we shouldn't take it away from someone who needs life.

  • Abortion is wrong, however in certain situations should be accepted.

    I believe abortion is 100 percent wrong, as a fetus inside the womb is a life! Life is sacred, so should be protected.
    However if a women strongly believes she cannot carry out a pregnancy, due to certain circumstances, abortion should be accepted.
    I think abortion should be allowed and accepted when a women has been raped, their life is threatened or the women is not in a stable mental state to deliver/bring up a baby.

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