Should women be allowed to hold top positions in religious organisations?

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes, why not? I mean woman can do the job as well as men and if woman are include than they'll be more help around the church and there will be more priests and bishops. Why not have a woman pope? I mean what's the problem? Seriously people this is obvious yes.

  • Yes, why not?

    I cannot see why women shouldn't be allowed to hold top positions in religion organizations. I really cannot see why.
    Then again, I do not know much of religions (except Wicca), so I don't really know the reasons behind the chauvinism among the big religions.
    I recall something about Eve being born from Adam's rib (Christianity), thus making women a sub-race.
    However, Adam and Eve are just a myth and it would be irrational and unreasonable to keep women from holding top positions simply because of a fairytale.

  • Men and women have different roles.

    I cannot speak for all religions, but most have some restrictions on who is responsible for what. My opinion is that men and women are of equal importance but simply represent different things, have different duties, and can each do something the other gender cannot (regarding personality strengths and weaknesses).

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