Should women be allowed to join combat arms in the Indian army?

  • Yes women should be allowed to join in combat roles .

    Because their should be equal rights as men and women are as stronger as men. As some women are interested to join in combat arms and some are not . Who are interested in joining in combat arms they should get a chance. And their should be equality for all the women in india

  • The fuck yes

    If you think no then fuck you. Bitch hell yes women deserve everything that is equal. Bitch us women can do the same or better then men in combat. Not saying my strength but by intelligence such as aiming, the have a gun, figure out where enemies are going, saving people, attack from behind, etc

  • Yes women should be allowed to join the frontline fighters

    Women are no difference from men they can be trained like men and take part in combat roles so that they can also show the nation that they have sacrifice their lives for their country and become heroes too why only men has got more opportunities than women when women too have the ability to face any kind of difficulties in serving the nation

  • Women who are deemed fit, yes.

    Women who meet the army's recruitment process should be given a chance to fight for the nation, as they too have the right to fight for the nation. India has had female freedom fighters and warriors. But the problem would be men would not agree to subject to a woman commanding them as we know India has a male dominated society. We can rather have a unit of female commandos to fight terrorism inside the country first to test their efficiency in combat and then move them into combat roles in the army. This is definitely going to take a long time though.

  • Physically and mentally tough women should be allowed to join.

    Every citizen regardless of sex has the right to fight and die for the country. Physically capable women should be allowed to join.I don't think the standards should be lowered . Integrating women in combat would allow equality to nurture in the nation . This would also help the army's overall strength.

  • Yes in every army

    Women should be allowed to join combat in any army. This is because many women are more qualified then men in the army. The spots should go to anyone willing and qualified to fill them. There are many places in the world that will likely never allow them, but they should be allowed to fight.

  • If they can do it

    Can women do the job? Many can, and there's no reason that they shouldn't be allowed to serve in combat roles. Physical standards should not be lessened for women specifically (because that's part of the job), but those who can meet the standards are just as qualified as anyone else.

  • Women Should Join Combat Arms in Indian Army

    Without a doubt, women should be allowed to join combat arms in the Indian army. There's no reason that women should be barred from combat roles, and even the United States has started to allow women onto the front lines. Other countries should undoubtedly follow suit in the coming years.

  • Women should be allowed to join combat arms in the Indian army.

    Women should be allowed to join combat arms in the Indian army. Women are often times better fighters than men, so they should have a role in the army that is as large as a man's, and perhaps greater. Women deserve a chance to finally make a difference in the army.

  • Consenting women should be allowed to join

    I believe that women should be allowed to join combat arms in the Indian army if that is their desire. I believe that an Indian woman should be able to make her own decision on whether to join. The ability of women to join should not be prescribed by law, rather each woman should be able to decide for herself.

  • Give them a chance!

    I think when it comes to women being in combat arms in general, whether it'd be India or here in the states, I say give the women a chance to join the combat arms. I am not a sexes by any means and I do think some women can keep up with the men.

  • Women in the Indian army are not respected or protected enough within their own country to be safe in a combat situation with their own people

    Women in India are not treated with respect or fairly protected by the laws of their country. They would be treated poorly if they were with male members of their army and might be persecuted even if they were segregated into separate women only combat groups. While it is important for men and women to be treated equally, in this instance, it would be putting the women in danger not only in a combat situation but in the company of many fellow soldiers.

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