• I think so

    I am very much against feminism, But that doesn't mean that ladies should be totally banned from seeking any kinds of success that men normally seek. I just think it shouldn't be encouraged, Particularly over the biological requirements of life (this is the present level of madness feminism is on).

  • Yes They should

    Women are not objects to decorate the house, and they should be treated with the same rights as men. People have to get it into their heads that women are just as capable of doing a job that a man. We also deserve a chance to make our own money and our own success.

  • Women have equal rights to men.

    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that a woman should not be able to pursue any career a man would be capable of pursuing just as the same should apply for women. If a woman wants to be a mechanic and a man wants to be a stay-at-home dad that should be perfectly fine and socially normal.

  • Yes, women should be allowed to seek success outside of the home

    While it once may have been forbidden for women to work outside the home, to not allow it today would be regressing back to a time when equality was a pipe dream. Traditional gender roles are no longer the norm and shouldn't be, women are just as capable of success in any way a man could be and should have every opportunity to find that success.

  • Women seeking success outside of home

    I believe that women definetely deserve to have the chance to have success outside of the home because we are educated just like men are and it makes us no less of an individual because we are women. If i wasnt aloud to seek success I would be fighting for my right to.

  • Yes, women should be allowed to seek success outside of the home.

    I think that women should definitely be given the right and allowed to seek success outside the home. If they are in a stiuation where they do not have the responsibility to take care of others, then I do not see why a woman should be denied the same rights a man has.

  • Women should be homemakers.

    Women should not be allowed to seek success outside the home. This is because there are too many problems associated with couples and families when the woman has to work. The diet of the family suffers from having to eat convenience food, the relationships with the husband suffers because she cannot focus on keeping a happy relationship when she has to go to work, and finally, the house suffers from lack of care.

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