Should women be allowed to serve in combat arms Military Occupational Specialties?

Asked by: BradWalsh
  • Women should not be discriminated against

    Firstly, the majority of women do not want to do this. This is for the minority of women who are capable and want to participate in this, and they should at least be offered the choice. It is the 21st century we should not still be discriminating against women. It is ridiculous to say you support 'equality for the genders' and not agree that women should be able to have access to the same opportunities as men.

  • No, women are pigs.

    Women are weak and can't defend themselves. They will be raped if they get trapped in a prison camp. They are ignorant Jewish, good for nothing pigs. They don't deserve to get the right to go to the military. Women should not go because they are weak and very stupid!!!

  • From what I know about the Armed Forces, No.

    I'm not a member of the armed forces, but I have heard many service members opinion on the matter.

    The combat arms are a unique area of military operations. I believe in equality for the genders where possible, and not saying women can't make great soldiers, but this is an area of exception.

    Firstly, women are biologically and generally less physically capable than men. I'm aware that there are exceptions, and there are women who a very strong athletically, but the army doesn't attract those exceptions. It will attract the average civilian woman who may or may not be stronger or weaker than her female peers. This isn't discrimination, it is a biological fact of the dimorphism of the human body. This is a problem if a female soldier is lugging 40kg of equipment and doesn't have the endurance or stamina, and will slow the team down which can ultimately put others lives at risk.

    On that point, gender mixed squads have been tested against all men squads. This isn't speculation. The gender mixed squads performed significantly worse than the all men squads.

    Women were found with 15% less anaerobic power and capacity, 10% less aerobic capacity, Higher injury rates, lower accuracy with weapons, and slower on obstacle courses. These are all highly important in combat. Link below to the study summary.


    Another issue is the sexual issue, especially if women share barracks with other male soldiers. Male soldiers that are going into combat and might die decide they want to score one last time, even if she says no. It's no secret there are alot of sexual assualt cases in the military of women, I'd imagine it would rise. Also the factor of captive female soldiers by the enemy, they would also be subject to unique torture because of their sex which will have significant psychological effects. There is also the matter of pregnancy, which ultimately puts female soldiers out of action in their squads.

    I believe the frontlines are no place for women. Women deserve to be treated equally, but we must not forget we are not physically equal. I believe females do have a place as POG's or non-combat roles.

  • Yes or no and I would like to know why you think so.

    As an active duty infantryman in the marine corps I have my own reasons as to why females should not be allowed serve in these kinds of jobs but I want to know what the average Americans supporting arguments are and why they think they should be that way. I will try to chime in and check up when possible and provide more insight on what it has been like for me throughout my career and the few times that I have had to work with female marines and list the pros an cons along with doing so.

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