Should women be allowed to serve in combat roles in the armed forces?

  • As a female, I believe it is sexist to deny me a combat role just because I am a female.

    1. I believe if a woman can pass the PT standards to serve in combat, then they should be allowed. By that I mean if they can pass the PT standards set for men, not the lowered standards.

    2. If a man is too distracted by a female (ie. feels to protect her instead of doing his assigned job) then he should be removed from the unit.

    3. Pregnancy. It takes two to tango. It was a common argument for women on submarines. The men's wives were worried about sex. If you are that worried, then maybe there are some marriage issues to be worked out.

    4. Russia has women in combat roles. Not a lot of people are willing to mess with Russians. Germany has women in combat roles. Canada does too.

    5. Rape. Women are raped in the military even without being in combat roles. It isn't our fault men feel the need to do something that horrible.

    6. Draft. If I am denied a combat role then I shouldn't have to sign up for the draft. Once I get a combat role, I will register on my 18th birthday, if I get a combat role before then.

    7. It's just sexist. To say I cannot serve in combat just because I am a female. Don't I have equal rights?

  • Women should be allowed to serve in combat roles; if they are strong enough, there is no reason to say no.

    Women should be allowed to serve in combat roles. If a woman is able to pass basic training and would serve some helpful purpose in a combat role in the armed forces, what reason is there to forbid her from serving in such a role? To disagree is to discriminate for no reason.

    Posted by: FilthyLucas60
  • I believe it is the choice of a woman to serve in the armed forces and, if she is willing to serve in combat, then that is her choice.

    Women and men are supposed to be treated equal and given equal rights. If a woman wants to serve 100% for the country, then she should have that right. There should be no discrimination. A woman can do any job, like a man does, with the proper training. As long as she chooses to do it, nothing should hold her back.

    Posted by: BlushingRiley
  • I believe that if women have enrolled for the armed forces they should be allowed to serve in a combat role.

    Women enrolling in the armed forces are aware of the risks of their position, so they should be allowed to serve in all the same capacities as men, including combat roles. Since hand-to-hand combat is obsolete now, the idea of men having a combat advantage because of their naturally superior strength is also obsolete, making women equally suitable for these roles.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Although I am a conscientious objector, I believe that if anyone wants to fight in a war, they should have the right to do so, regardless of gender.

    Personally, I am against war, in all of its incarnations. I do, however, believe very strongly in equal rights. I f a woman loves her country enough to potentially die for it, then she should be allowed to serve her country. Plenty of women are already doing this.

    Posted by: ColdEmmanuel92
  • Women should be allowed to serve in combat roles in the armed forces, because it would be their choice, and they are fully capable, just like everyone else.

    While I do not believe that women should be forced to serve in combat roles in our armed forces, if they are willing to do just that, then it's a different story. Women are fully capable, and have the knowledge, desire, strength, determination, and passion for serving, just as men do.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • I think that any woman who is over the age of 18 should be able to decide for herself if she wants to be in a combat role or on the front line.

    I firmly believe that, if a woman is accepted into any specific branch of the military, she should be afforded the same rights as men. There should be no gender separation, in regard to serving in combat roles. I think this should be a decision left up to each individual. If she is capable and able, then she should be allowed to. If her superiors feel that she would be an asset in that position and setting, then it should be her choice.

    Posted by: UnsuitableRigoberto99
  • Women serve in every other field in the military, and should be allowed to serve in combat as well.

    Women are a big part of today's military, and preventing them from serving in combat is sexism, plain and simple. While there may have been good reasons in the past from preventing them from serving on the front lines, today's high-tech military makes those reasons obsolete. If they can shoot straight, we need them as soldiers.

    Posted by: tagpixels
  • Women should be allowed to serve in military combat roles if that is what they choose to do, because they should have the same privileges and duties as a man in the military.

    Our military used to be primarily composed of men but, in the past few years, many able and capable women have joined the ranks of our armed forces. Many of these women want to be more than just a desk jockey. Many capable women pilot our military aircraft and are responsible for developing military strategy. If a woman who is in the military feels that she can successfully engage in combat, she should be allowed to do so with the understanding that she has to be able to give her all and endure the roughness and the hardships along with the men. If a woman joins the military, she should have the same privileges and duties as a man in the military.

    Posted by: ep0xihusky
  • Women should be allowed to serve in combat, because they are capable of doing most any job in that arena that a man can do.

    Women are trained to do what the men are trained for, and are physically and intellectually able to fulfill the same tasks. Combat need not be an exception. Women in the armed forces are highly competent and able to perform the duties called for in combat situations, so they should be allowed to serve in this capacity.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • Women Should Not Be Allowed In GROUND Combat

    Women should still be able to fly planes but they should not be in ground combat. Ground combat is dangerous and the men on the battlefield will go die for the women because they are women, And they will not complete there missions. The military also lowered the standards for women in the military.

  • I believe that it is good, but there are downfalls

    They're has actually be tests that has shown that in Israel, where men and women serve in combat roles, the men's natural instinct would be to protect the women, this could lead to both being killed. Also, when a medic sees a downed women, the women is helped, dead or alive, before the men who would be in a less worse condition, mainly because she is a women. It is just natural instinct. Not to mention the amount of muscle, and the way the two genders think. Also, I feel that even though technology is huge, it can fail, it can fail on itself, or it can fail from a weapon that ends it, therefore, I don't think that in that case, women will have what it takes to take on a huge, male enemy that we may be fighting. Just my opinion.

  • Marine corps did a study..

    The USMC did a study of combat scenarios with a all women platoon, a mixed men and women platoon and a all male platoon. The two platoons that included women were slower and the women got injured a lot faster than the all male platoon. When you go to combat you can have anything hold you back. And women tend to do that on and off the battlefield!

  • Women are less physically capable

    Multiple studies (for example, one by the usmc) point out that women on average; have higher injury rates, are weaker, and are slower . In the women in ground close combat review paper, it as found that due to physiological differences women are disadvantaged in strength and aerobic fitness tests by 20-40 percent, meaning they have to work harder to achieve the same results as men. The higher injury rates that have been found in various studies can be partially mitigated with extra training. But extra training requires more money and more time; essentially you are paying more and spending more time just to have a recruit give an average performance.

  • Why? Why do the women feel the need to ruin everything.

    and not look at the big picture, if they truly wanted to help our country they should see that they aren't mentally and physically ready for the grueling amount of stress that is put on the body during deployment. It.
    The legend have awakened.

  • Why? Why do the women feel the need to ruin everything.

    and not look at the big picture, if they truly wanted to help our country they should see that they aren't mentally and physically ready for the grueling amount of stress that is put on the body during deployment. It.
    The legend have awakened.

  • Because Male Soldiers Would Feel The Burden To Protect Them

    It's been this way for thousands of years: The guy protects the woman, and in life threatening situations like, oh I don't know,,,war, the male soldiers will go out of their way to defend the female soldiers. This could easily end up in both their deaths. There's a lot more to be said, but i'll leave it at that.

  • Health and hygiene

    Like it or not it comes down to health and hygiene, the physical part can be over come, so can the mental problems. However woman need more maintenance which they wouldn't be able to get during months in a desert. Men can stay in acceptable standereds with as little as a wet sponge and a shave however woman need a lot more supply's to stay healthy removing space that could be used for food or ammo. It's not a case of sexism when even when you over look half of the problems the other half alone is enough to turn down the idea.

    It seems like everybody who's served in the forces agrees and the only people out of the forces that disagree are people calling it sexist despite perfectly good reasoning.

  • I am a woman

    And my brother just got back from this tour in the middle east and he has not been the same ever since. You want your strongest and tough minded people in ground combat. My brother was and he barely speaks now. War ruins people. If you're a woman who thinks she's strong enough to go through all of that then go ahead and kudos to you! But you don't just get to fight on the ground, you are chosen and placed in something like that. I think that if military personnel have a choice, they would chose a man over a woman. We just aren't built for this type of stuff and equality has its limits. Truth is, women can't do everything men do and men can't do everything women do.

  • It would make men behave differently

    The lads together are a team and male bonding for the hunt as it were is hard wired by evolution.
    This would be like bringing the wife to a lads night out, it just does not work.
    If they must go fight then it should be all female units, the guys would just worry about them though if they got caught by the enemy.

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