• Yes, I believe that women should be banned from showing their breasts in public.

    Yes, I believe that women should be banned from showing their breasts in public because a woman's body has been sexualized throughout history and allowing women to show their breasts in public will upset a lot of conservative minded people. Although some people now believe that a woman showing her breasts is the same as a man showing his chest, I do not believe it is the same because of the sexual nature of a woman's breasts.

  • Women should not be allowed to bare their breasts freely

    Woman should not be free to show their breasts in public. It could be offensive to some, an there is no medical reason to do so. There could be areas set aside where women can go topless, as in the case of beaches. Many women choose to breast feed, and this is an exception.

  • In certain situations, breasts shown in public is acceptable

    The main argument for this question is obviously breastfeeding. I believe that a woman has a right to breastfeed her child in public, and should not be scrutinized for it. But I don't believe that women should be able to just walk around topless. I do not believe that would be appropriate.

  • Men can show their breasts

    Women shouldn't be banned from exposing their breasts in public, especially if they are breast feeding. Even if they aren't, women aren't the ones who declared that breast should be covered, men did. There are no sexual organs on breasts, if I have to look at men's nipples all day, why is it a problem for women?

  • If soho about men

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with women going brakes or showing their breast no more so than us guys. Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman breastfeeding in public it's very natural thing to do. People try to make something wrong out of it and shame any woman that does

  • Three words: Get. Over. It.

    The days of sexual repression are numbered. Breasts are not completely for the purpose of sex, but rather for reproduction (i.E. Nourishing infants) like any other mammal. Besides, it would be improper to not allow women to be bare-chested like men can be because if the feminists are what they say they are, they would lobby for something like this to be accepted and tolerated. They should not be banned from showing their breasts in public.

  • Do boobs really bother you?

    I am a teenage male. But this isn't why I am arguing for this stance haha, I believe that you should be allowed to show your breasts in public.
    To be honest you do whatever makes you comfortable. It's not hurting anyone. Plus let's say you want to breastfeed your baby? It'd be ridiculous to not let you do that.

  • It is necessary in certain situations.

    As mentioned above, women have to breast feed in public. To those people who are offended by that, congratulations, you discovered breasts serving their one and only natural purpose. Get over it and move on. But this also doesn't mean women should go around topless. There are contexts where men showing their chests is frowned upon. Like in a business meeting or wedding supper, or just generally indoors if there's air conditioning.

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